Wednesday, May 16, 2007

DJ BootLeGG 2 for 1 Special Remixxxx

I had to get rid of these songs. I'm not that big of a fan of Lloyd but John Legend adding the Clipse to his remix actually was a nice touch. So check out the 2 for 1 remixxxx, and don't be afraid people..Speak On It

Listen: John Legend feat. The Clipse - Heaven (The Remix)


Listen: Lloyd feat. Young Joc & Missy Elliot - Get It Shawty (The Remix)


Ike is about to be Turned Out for speeding

I didn't know Ike Turner was 75 years old....Damn! NEways word has it Ike was locked up last night (Tuesday) on drug-related charges. He was doing 80 mph on the 405 freeway which speed limit is 65...i think. NEways when the police ran a check on him, an outstanding narcotics warrant was found....

Now really people, does he look like a druggie to you??


Serena Has A Man At Home

Serena's new man is "Jackie Long" who played in the movie "ATL"..apparently these are the "we just got done going half on a baby" pictures that I hate when people take oh so very much. Special thanks to SandraRose for the pictures!

Beyonce's "Kitty Kat" Needs A Rest

Sooooo Perezhilton got ahold of a few pictures of Beyonce's cootch working up a sweat of it's own while performing in Europe. I personally don't think it's as bad as the Fantasia twat-sweat.

Her Lipgloss Be Poppin

And it was definatly poppin on 106&Park when she performed yesterday. I could actually care less about the song because it reeks of a "1- hit wonder" but I love this video. Plus it's always nice to hear 17 year old chicks rapping about her $135 tube of lipgloss, it helps girls relate.

Aretha Franklin is in Love!

I CAN NOT wait for this sex-tape...

Pretty Boy Floyd Makes it Rain

The pictures speak for themselves, Pretty Boy was at Body English, a popular nightclub in Las Vegas. That's $1000 in cash money...

Maxims Hot 100 Women

As they do every year Maxim Magazine compiles a list of hussies who they think got it going on. Usually they are pretty much on point but this year they have it all wrong. Now out of the 100 women, 6 are black. Coming in at #72 is Ciara ; #67 Gabrielle Union; #60 Jessica White; #50 Halle Berry; #13 Beyonce and Rihanna leading the pack at #8...

And you know the Afro-Am community is going crazy that only 6 of the 100 are black, I'm sure the Reverend will be hosting some sort of press conference about this disturbing situation later on today. What I am mad about is that Lindsey Lohans ass is #1, and what happened to the quality women like Star Jones and my old friend Lola?
To see a complete list with pictures of the Hot 100 click here

RayJ in Junes Issue of "Sister2Sister"

[Picture Courtesy of FreddieBell]
This interview was kind of boring. I was expecting William Ray Norwood Jr, to talk about the 'Golden Showers and Tea Bagging' that he's been known to give to his many women's. But since none of that was mentioned I was forced to entertain myself by reading his thoughts on his infamous sex-tape with Kim Karadashian:
“A lot of the times when I have sex, and after I’m done, I think to myself, man, I hope my performance was something that she’ll always remember…it’s important to me.”“Everybody makes tapes. I’ve spoken with her briefly,” he said of his ex-girlfriend and sex tape co-star Kardashian. “I’m going to try to reach out to her more and more because I want to continue to be friends with her and she’s always been a positive influence in my life.”

His alleged relationship with Karrine "Superhead" Steffans: “I walked down the red carpet and they’re snapping, and guess who’s standing by me? Superhead, trying to get closer and closer,” Ray J recalls of an incident at an event he attended, which was also attended by Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. I’m like, wait a minute. This ain’t no good look"

His relationship with Whitney Houston: “I love Whitney,” he admits, adding that he and his mother consider the superstar singer “family

Brandy's kid bro also went on to make it known that he has a sponsorship deal with "Trojan" condoms.
What does Superhead have to say about all of this?? "Unfortunately, my relationship with Ray has been permanently tarnished and though I will miss his company and the time we’ve spent together. He’s now dead to me.”

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pretty Ricky's Rubbing Off...

I really don't know what to say about this? What did the chair do to deserve this type of punishment? I didn't know the trend was to run a train on funiture...Yes America, this is our future!


EVA! Where Have You Been?!

ANTM cycle 3 winner EvaMarcelle formerly know as Eva Pigford was caught recently strolling through LA. I'm the long hair is nice, but the receding hairline and the -1 dress size isn't. Err'bobdy is trying to get the "Rihanna" forehead and starting the "Nicole Richie" diet now-a-days. That's not sexy.



Celebs Party It Up in the Bahama's

Celebs came out to celebrate the opening of The Cove Atlantis on Paradise Island in The Bahamas, they got a real treat when Janet Jackson hit the stage for a concert and a birthday celebration for Stevie Wonder.

Quick Scoops

  • Kelly Rowlands album has been pushed back for the 3rd time. It's now set to be released on July 3rd because the promoters didn't want her album to be competing against 50 Cents upcoming album.
  • After the De La Hoya Fight Ursher and Nelly got into a lil squabble, after verbally attacking each other for 5 minutes Ashanti and Tameka foster broke it up.
  • Rumors are swirling that Whitney Houston was high at a party this weekend with her boytoy, "Ray Jay"
  • Is Mya and "Pretty Boy Floyd" Mayweather dating? They were spotted cuddled up after the fight in Vegas last weekend.
  • DJ BooTLEGGS Remixes: Kanye West feat. Papoose & Trey Williams - Hey Mama (Remix)
  • Word is the picture above of Usher kissing Tameka was forced, Tameka told the photographer to only take pictures of them "embracing" each other. I guess she wants the world to know that she don't care about none of these monkey ho's hating on her.

Reggie Bush Gets In Kim's "Bush"

Dammit man, this isn't the FIRST time Kim Karadashian and Reggie Bush were spotted together. Now USWeekly reports:
"On May 10 at L.A. nightclub Teddy's Kardashian and the NFL star were really putting on a show. According to a Teddy's clubber, Bush and Kardashian were "grinding" and "making out" on the dance floor all night. "You can tell they really get along," says the source. "Now she's ready to go public with him."

So public is the romance that the couple dined Saturday night at the decidedly unprivate Ivy on L.A.'s trendy Robertson Blvd. The couple first turned heads in mid-April when they attended a Samsung party at an L.A. mansion, where the couple was seen holding hands and kissing, then leaving the party together.

And just because i'm a salty as hell I'm posting this old school picture of Kim. BEFORE she had her nose, lips, eyebrows, chin, cheeks and boobs done.

UPDATE: FreezyFiya has his own little snitch in the NO who recently told him:

"Reggie maybe doing it up in Hollywood, but he still has a side piece in New Orleans. Her name is Tisha and you can catch her in Reggie's Hummer while he's away. Yes New Orleans has a lot of Hummers since it floods a lot but you will most def recognize Reggie's Hummer. It's an H2 with 28's on it . Same color as the Hummer and it's chromed out everywhere."If you ask me Kim and Reg make a perfect couple because they both understand "open" relationships...."

A Snitch Told Me...

"Apparently, My Wife and Kids star Jennifer Nicole Freeman plays for both teams. The chick on the right is Chaunte Wayans an aspiring comedian who was working behind the scenes on the show. Word is she and Jennifer had a little thang going on and when Damon Wayans found out Chaunte was fired, not because of the gay relationship, but because Jennifer was under age. Jenny is also rumored as being a frequent guest @ Missy Elliot's "lifestyle parties".....Snitch.

First Photo's of Kiyan Anthony

Here are some of the first pictures of Lala and Carmelo Anthony's 2 month old son, Kiyan.

Melanie B Joins The "Assed Out" Club

Fresh from popping out baby Murphy, Melanie B was spotted around town without any panty draws on. I can't hate her for trying to make a comeback but this makes me dry. I mean she just had a baby, she probably still has her cootch stitches in.. ..
[CLICK Picture for NSFW Version]

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