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Reggie Bush Gets In Kim's "Bush"

Dammit man, this isn't the FIRST time Kim Karadashian and Reggie Bush were spotted together. Now USWeekly reports:
"On May 10 at L.A. nightclub Teddy's Kardashian and the NFL star were really putting on a show. According to a Teddy's clubber, Bush and Kardashian were "grinding" and "making out" on the dance floor all night. "You can tell they really get along," says the source. "Now she's ready to go public with him."

So public is the romance that the couple dined Saturday night at the decidedly unprivate Ivy on L.A.'s trendy Robertson Blvd. The couple first turned heads in mid-April when they attended a Samsung party at an L.A. mansion, where the couple was seen holding hands and kissing, then leaving the party together.

And just because i'm a salty as hell I'm posting this old school picture of Kim. BEFORE she had her nose, lips, eyebrows, chin, cheeks and boobs done.

UPDATE: FreezyFiya has his own little snitch in the NO who recently told him:

"Reggie maybe doing it up in Hollywood, but he still has a side piece in New Orleans. Her name is Tisha and you can catch her in Reggie's Hummer while he's away. Yes New Orleans has a lot of Hummers since it floods a lot but you will most def recognize Reggie's Hummer. It's an H2 with 28's on it . Same color as the Hummer and it's chromed out everywhere."If you ask me Kim and Reg make a perfect couple because they both understand "open" relationships...."

truth be told, she was still kinda cute then. i mean, they are human beings, first. when they wake up, their breath stinks. they shit, they get happy and mad...human beings. just because she gets a lot of publicity doesn't mean that she's a goddess or anything.

truth be told, she's a human being. And human beings, especially adults, have RESPONSIBILITY. No, she doesn't have to be a goddess, but she could avoid the whole: skanky whore porno wannabe money hungry status obsessed materialistic image obscured plastic filled life-style... don't ya think?

Ok, and whomever wrote the post, forgot to mention the liposuction and butt implants.

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she looks exactly the same to me, just 10 years older. Stop the hate.

u know she got her ass done too

She got her breasts and ass done also

Reggie could do so much better than this! I mean, she is the typical hollywood hoe.

She's a slut!!!! She slept with Ray J. That was a real low!!


Kimberly is hot as hell!!

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