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First Photo's of Kiyan Anthony

Here are some of the first pictures of Lala and Carmelo Anthony's 2 month old son, Kiyan.

Pic#1:Why you grippin his face like that? Thats not a Spalding melo.
Pic#2:See, I knew he didn't like that shit...
Pic#3:Ohhh, how cute! You put him down for his first gym floor nap!
Pic#4:Simply adorable..

J/K he is a beautiful baby...lookin just like his mama. I've been waiting to see some pics, thanks Juiicy!!

Come on Juiicy!!!! Those pics are kinda late. I been saw them.

anon 5:41 just go to their house and take some new ones then? then post them so we can see your juicy scoop, lol. cutie pie tho!

AWWWWW! He is sooooo adorable! He looks like both LA La and Melo. OMG! Check Out La La's birth video on YouTube! It is sooo crazy! I've never seen LA LA like that ever! She's yelling at Melo, and when little Kiyan finally pops out, someone is walking through the door, and she yells as loud as she can, GET OUT!!!! I've never heard screaming so loud in my life. I definitly am adopting my kids, I don't wanna know what that's like!

this baby is mad cute i was all searchin for pics of this baby i knew their baby would be cute because they both look good but


that baby is sexy.............

can i babysit that cute baby.....

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