Friday, March 16, 2007

Did You Hear?

Ok Ok, I promise this is the last post about Jay-Z, but word on the street is that Jigga man lifted his ban on Cristal. A while back Jay had banned Cristal from being served in his clubs because of racist comments made from the makers of the expensive champagne towards the hip-hop community. We seen him politely declining a bottle of Cristal in his video "Show me what you got" for his new drink of choice "Ace of Spades" well things may have taken a turn because guests were adorned with bottles of Cristal at Tocarra's 25th birthday party this week and Jay AND B along with the rests of the guests were toasting the bubbly all night lonnngggg!

Jay and Rihanna At Baskeball Game

How weird is it not seeing Jay with B at these games. Anywho while Beyonce was in Houston kicking around horse patties Jay Z was at the Nets game, where awkwardly, Rihanna just showed up to out of the blue.

Babs Is Looking For A Girl

Yep. Babs from Making The Band 2 is out doing her thug-dizzle and she's trying to make an all girl band. But only the dopest MC's must apply.

"I am looking for FEMALE rappers to join The Squad Movement!!! Send 1 original track and 1 freestyle to The Squad for consideration. This is only for FEMALES!!! "

Here are some pictures of the one chick she has joining forces with her so far.

It's like a effin sex fantasy gone bad.

Fanny in NY

Yay! Here's Fanny in New York leaving her rehearsals for "The Color Purple" in which she plays Celie.

Who Wants To Date Bobby Brown?

"The My Prerogative singer will play the field in new show Dating Bobby Brown,in which he'll pick a girlfriend from 20 wannabe starlets who all want to spend quality time with him. An insider reveals Brown has his own ideas about how to spice up the dating show: "Bobby believes the best way to win a man's heart is through his stomach, so he's planning to have the women cook for him while they parade around in thong bikinis."

Girls you better get on this, the man will pick the dookie out your butt if your constipated. If it isn't love....

Pretty Ricky Ricky Rickayyy...

There are rumors starting to form that my favorite boyband group next to NSYNC are about to break up. Let me tell you that THIS IS NOT TRUE. Just joking, I don't know. But I do know that the tallest member in that group is only 5'7 and the shortest is 5'3. That's like a legal midget and shit huh. Anyways, Pleasure (the singer) is about to go solo, BET even reported that he did an interview without his brothers. Who knows why they are breaking up but they just released their 2007 tour schedule.

Jay-Z and Rosie Perez Beef?

Word has it that Jay-Z and Rosie Perez once had beef after she criticized him for his beef with Nas. Perez admits she feared for her life after making her feelings known in a XXL magazine article saying "He (Jay-Z) went below the belt by talking about Nas' ex-girlfriend. I think Jay-Z is better than that. He doesn't have to resort to dissing another man's girlfriend... I just thought it was a bitch move." Perez admits mutual friends told her Jay-Z was far from happy about her comments and so she was delighted when the rapper greeted her warmly at the Cirque Du Soleil show and "hugged it out".

Damn what was she afraid of, that he was gonna gnaw her to death? Hardy Har Har

What Does Vida Do Again?

Aside from getting fingered at a BBQ's and sitting on guys faces?

Since Juiicy loves the kids, animals, elderly AND the disabled I won't post the NSFW pictures from the KING Photoshoot here. But you can get them HERE!

Joss Stone and Rapheal Saadiq?

There's been speculation that Joss Stone (whom is my absolute fave Brit) and Rapheal Saadiq are dating because they were seen together in Britian. Let Juiicy tell you that the picture was taken right after her concert which Saadiq also played in. Saadiq of course is the creative genuis behind her album producing more than half of the songs on the album (along with Dallas Austin). So of course they'd probably be seen together alot, especially during a concert when they perform songs together . Sorry to break it to you my pretty blackies but this ain't no Whitney and Ray J type ish!

On another note, check out this FIERCE album photo of Joss and Saadiq, must be the hottest picture I've seen all year!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Terrence Howard in Aprils' Issue of Essence

What do you want to know about Terrence Dashon Howard? In Aprils Issue of Essence they go into detail asking all the questions you did and probably didn't want to know about the hazel-eyed hunk.

Terrence on helping his wife leave him:

Two years ago Lori reached out to a man from her past, says Howard. A lot of women would never dream of walking away from a catch like Howard, but Lori had seen his demons and had lived through his cheating, drinking and a lifestyle that didn’t much involve her. The two had already been divorced for six years—and remarried. This was supposed to be the new beginning, but there wasn’t much new at all. According to Howard, Lori, who long ago had loved her high school sweetheart, finally flirted with the idea of simply being with her former flame. Howard found new love letters shared between the old friends. He says that the night it all came to a head, Lori was asleep when he went snooping through her cell phone, got his competition’s number, and called. Howard conceded loss and asked the man if he would do him the honor of making Lori happy. It was a great moment of clarity for him—he realized that he loved his wife enough to let her go: “The hardest thing to do is to let go of somebody you really care about, to give them their freedom.”

Terrence on dating:

I tried to talk to Halle for a bit. Didn’t call me back. Tried to talk to Gabrielle Union. Didn’t call me back, either. I’ve heard it said that I only date White women. The only woman I really love is my wife, and she happens to be White. Who gives a damn? A lot of Black women get upset. You know, the fact is, we are human beings.

Here are outtakes from the photoshoot

Sinbad is NOT Dead

For those who have been inundated with e-mails about the supposed death of comedian Sinbad from a heart attack can just hit delete on those correspondences, as the news is 100 percent not true.

“That was a vicious rumor, I don’t know where it came from, but it started last weekend,” “It just started circulating around the country."

So you can all put your Sunday's bests away, Sinbad and all his lightskinededness glory is will be here for a while.

Here are the girls...

(Top row, L-R) Like Dat (Flavor of Love 2), Rain (Flavor of Love 1), Buckeey (FoL 2), Saaphyri (FoL 2), Goldie (FoL 1), Buckwild (FoL 2), Hottie (FoL 1); (Bottom row, L-R) Toasteee (FoL 2), Bootz (FoL 2), Krazy (FoL 2), Smiley (FoL 1), Serious (FoL 1) and Pumkin (FoL 1).
They even brought the Lip Chap chick back!! This show is going to be fi-er-ce.Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School starring Mo'Nique is set to debut April 15, at 10 PM.

J.Lo Claps Back

Is that even the right word? Damn I need a refresher on hood 101 because listening to the flowing skills of Ron Artest ain't cutting it anymore. Straight from the mouth of my girl Melody over at Pop Culture Junkie J.Lo has responded back to Kim Porters nasty comments made towards her during her interview with Essence a few months back:

In response to the self-convincing statements of Kim Porter in Essence, Jennifer refuses to respond in depth telling the New York Post,

"I am not going to go there."Look, she knows what went on, I know what went on. And that is where we have to leave it. I am not going to discuss any of the details of that intimate relationship that I had with the public. It's just not that necessary."

In case you missed it, Kim Porter in Essence Magazine:

Porter blasted Combs' relationship with Lopez, declaring, "He fell for a booty and a smile" and admitted she used to tell the rapper he would return to her when he left "his little Puerto Rican girlfriend".

Porter admitted she was in contact with Combs every day of his relationship with Lopez and forbid him from letting their son Christian associate with the Latino beauty.Porter said, "Does she look like the type that would want to play house and family with two little black kids? No."

Words can't express how dumb Kim Porter is, she literally irriates the hell out of me everytime she opens her dick sucker.

Who Is He?

Because I. love. him. I want to dream about him and his pink&blue mutts all night long, then wake up and have to change my panties. That's how much I love him.

[pictures courtesy of C+D]

Happy Birthday Tocarra

Tocarra celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday in NYC!!!
p.s. She weighs 180 pounds!

Tocarra, her shirt puppets, and B
Oh Jay Z, how the camera always does you wrong.

Kevin Lyles, Jigga, and Julie Greenwald

Richboy, fresh from eating a box of powdered donuts

Tocarra's Mother (yellow) and Sister..
Too much fun!

The goose got him loose

Dr. Ian Smith (celebrity fit club) and his brother *chuckle*


Dear New York...

You have Deelishis' ass on your chest
XOXO Juiicy

Click [HERE] to read her fabulous interview with Blender Magazine

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Celebs Around The World

Halle Berry was in Santa Monica
Janet and JD were in Pasadena
Beyonce was in New York

Jamie Foxx was in Cali getting his "Serena" on
Blue Cantrell was in LA

Melanie B was in Beverely Hills

Quick Scoop
Biggies children speak to XXL Magazine [XXL]

Lloyd Celebrates His Album Party

Slickback and his mom
Slickback and Pug

A model she is NOT
Slickback and Carl Thomas

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