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J.Lo Claps Back

Is that even the right word? Damn I need a refresher on hood 101 because listening to the flowing skills of Ron Artest ain't cutting it anymore. Straight from the mouth of my girl Melody over at Pop Culture Junkie J.Lo has responded back to Kim Porters nasty comments made towards her during her interview with Essence a few months back:

In response to the self-convincing statements of Kim Porter in Essence, Jennifer refuses to respond in depth telling the New York Post,

"I am not going to go there."Look, she knows what went on, I know what went on. And that is where we have to leave it. I am not going to discuss any of the details of that intimate relationship that I had with the public. It's just not that necessary."

In case you missed it, Kim Porter in Essence Magazine:

Porter blasted Combs' relationship with Lopez, declaring, "He fell for a booty and a smile" and admitted she used to tell the rapper he would return to her when he left "his little Puerto Rican girlfriend".

Porter admitted she was in contact with Combs every day of his relationship with Lopez and forbid him from letting their son Christian associate with the Latino beauty.Porter said, "Does she look like the type that would want to play house and family with two little black kids? No."

Words can't express how dumb Kim Porter is, she literally irriates the hell out of me everytime she opens her dick sucker.

hey hey....watch your mouth....I tend to love dumb hoes. I recent your comments

you are sooo right juiicy...Kim is a fool, fool, fool..who cares if she has a bunch of babies by a rich m-fer, one day they will be grown, but because she was never married to the man, just laid up with him and had his seed, she can't get any alimony...kim is an idiot, she should have tried to be a wife...she was already a babies mama and took the fool back, why didn't she insist on the wedding before having those twins??? women need to wake up!!!!!!

go away j-whore

lol...Kim is a complete idiot if she believes half of what she told Essence! She sounded like she was 17...LOL...thanks for the linkage!

kims ghetto and so is whorepez

Okay why is Kim still spitting babies for a man who has no intentions of marrying you?!? WTF!

Kim is a stupid bitch. I don't care how much money Puff, Diddy, P Daddy - whatever the DAMN fool is calling his self these days has, there is no way I will let a man make a jackass out of me. Does Kim not remember the JLO interview with Vibe years ago (she was on the cover)- Puff was loving JLO's dirty drawers. Does she not remember "I Need A Girl pt.1 & pt.2", did she think they were about her.. LOLOLOL Puff asked JLO to marry him and she was around his kids - no one disbuted that when the article came out, if it wasn't true then Kim should have commented years ago. All I have to say is let JLO and her husband get a divorce and she wants Puffy back, see how fast his knock knee ass will be sweating her again - I bet there will be a song. I just got started so it's on - why come Kim is never posted up next to Puffy on the red carpet any where -I have seen Bentley, Bruce Willis and Esquire (ATL), but no Kim, she's in the background playing her role (as the stupid beetchhh). JLO was on side holding his hand at every step and during every interview, while rocking over a million dollars worth of jewels HE brought. Wake up Kim, you are convenient to him, you are the in between girl who is always willing to let him hit it when he is in between ladies. Where is the self love and respect for yo self... sigh... :( And to say she justed birth TWO daughters - I hope she teaches them some self respect.

dumb dumb dumb. She doesn't even realize how dumb she sounds. and I agree 100% with ^^^ above me

Damn her neck is sweating hard. She is not atttractive to me. (Kim)

puff must not have been loving jenny ho ho too hard. he was messing with kim when he was j-ho. kim is a fool though. at least j-ho had the sense to leave him alone. kim took his cheating, disrespectful butt back twice.


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