Saturday, May 12, 2007

PETA Don't Play!!

Jennifer Lopez has been receiving death threats according to the NY Daily because of her massive fur collection. The threats have become so serious that she's beef up her security.

A PETA spokesperson stated "J.Lo needs to stop the real violence she promotes and subsidizes rather than give herself extra protection." Remember when PETA was all over Beyonce at one point in time....Have you seen fur on her lately....My point exactly!


T.I. and His Water Boys Part1,2,3!

WTF is really going on...At all 3 concerts, T.I. gets a water bottle thrown at him and he just GG (Goes Ghetto/Gangsta) all over the mic. Either T.I. has a designate water bottle thrower at all his concerts or a target that says "hit me" is printed on the back of T'I's shirt and water bottles are handed out at the door?? I'm not saying, but I'm just saying

At a recent concert

At an Ivy Legue School

At Bentley College

You see what I'm saying??? Whoever throws those water bottles always has "50 thousand on their head"


When Groupie Love Goes Too Far

At a recent concert Prince ask some of his lady fans to come on stage. Well one of those fans blind sided him with hugs and kisses...I don't know but to me it looks like De La Hoya on the ground after a Mayweather blow. Actually now that I look at looks like Prince when his virginity was taking away from him....I'm not saying, but I'm just sayin....


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Exclusive: Nick Cannon & Selita Are NOT Engaged!!

Rumor has it Selita actually said "NO" after the proposal and engagement party. This is the message of what was posted on Selita's MySpace. Poor Nick, I knew the engagement would blow up in his face, but not so quickly...
The message:.. I HAVE TO CLEAR UP SOMETHING.....SELITA ENGAGED? NO WAY I must tell you, everyone thinks Nick and I are engaged but yet we are really not...I had to talk to him after the proposal because I felt he didn't really do it for the right was like a publicity stunt and all..I didn't to much care for it at all...all I did was hug him and whispered in his ear "We truly need to talk for sure!...Which we did and this is why I'm not engaged right now! Thanks to you all for the blessings but I'm sorry the media had lead you astray! Don't believe the hype of the media!
Update: Did some research on the rumor, I'm up in the air at this point. Could be true, could be a hacked MySpace prank, so until I get the official word, take it as it is...A rumor
Update#2: I've been doop! The rumor of Nick and Selita's non-engagment arent' true. The information came from a bogus MySpace page...Sorry if I led anyone wrong.... Trust me, I'm on the asses of the 3 people that led me to believe this garbage. I guess my sources make mistakes too...


DJ BootLeGG's Buying You A Drink...The Remixxxxx

I had to switch it up a bit since I'm not really DJing to a "Hip-Hop" crowd. I was going to bring out Young Jeezy's "Go Getta" remix out the box but since I've been told "Party Like A Rockstar" didn't sit well with most of the readers, I had to go with this.
I'm pretty sure everyone has heard this song before. Sooooo since "Buy You a Drink" is blazing up the charts thanks to the help of Akon and his Konvict Music label. I've decided to bring you "THE OFFICIAL" remix featuring Trey Songz, Stat Quo (From Emenim's Shady Records) DJ Unk(The Walk It Out guy) and Young Joc. Now take this in, because DJ BOOTLEGG doesn't really do OFFICIAL joints quite often, so enjoy! Tell me what you think


Britney Spears is PISSED!

Remember these pics that leaked on the web earlier this week? Well according to some newspapers over in the UK, Britney was highly pissed when she found out they leaked.
The timing of the pictures doesn't help her embarked on a comeback trail. She's been putting on live performances in in Cali and Las Vegas all week and the pictures don't help the cause at all.
A close friend of the Britney told The Daily Star, "Britney's furious these photo's have become public. She never dreamed they'd be leaked. She's concerned the photos will damage her credibility and just make her look trashy."(Freezy Footnote: You can't be serious about that last sentence lmao!!) She's concentrating on her career and this draws the focus from her music."
Now people, please don't rag on Britney to much, she's still Juiicy's favorite role model...blahh....
Aww hell, go for it!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nappy Head Ho's...The Porno

You know what...I'm not even going to comment...thankz Rizoh


Get It Shawty!!!

Shout out to LT over at O1LT and Nick for sending this in. Don't get it twisted, I'm not thanking you for sending this hot mess in. NEways, the good people at got their hands on quite an odd video/sex tape of Lil Cease doing something strange for a piece of change. I didn't pay attention when opening the e-mail and spilled my Fruit Loops all over my keyboard because mom's is here for Mother's day and caught a glimpse of LIL Cease in action. Imagine how that conversation went! Now there are women in the video but for some reason the guys are way more into it than the women. So if your up to seeing Lil Cease "Get It Shawty" for a buck or two, have fun


Rihanna and Ciara on TRL

A Louis You Can Eat!

That's Right, this is a Louis Vuitton Clutch CAKE!The cake is 100% edible, as is the lipstick on the side (minus the foil)!! Check out more creative cakes at La Rag
Not sure of the price for this cake since you have to email her for price quotes...

Sanjaya Has Love for New York

So you all know that "I Love New York" will be holding auditions for her second season of the show. The buzz is that American Idols own, "Sanjaya" has put in his bid to be one of the lucky men to become New Yorks boo.Also, I may be late on this but am I the only one who thinks there is nothing wrong with Sanjaya's mother getting caught smoking pot?! Not only does she smoke it, but she grows it. Bitch is a modern day entrepreneur if you ask me.

Usher and Tameka Walking...

[Pictures Courtesy of Mavrix]
That's pretty much all their doing. And someone please tell me what the weather is like in LA because I see no need for people to still be wearing Uggs.

Also, if you didn't already know, Tameka has been named "The Black Barbara Bush". Not only has Usher fired his mother,but also his publicist and bodyguards, all of whom Tameka did not get along with.

Happy 18th Birthday Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown celebrated his 18th Birthday last Sunday at Jay Z's club 40/40 in NYC. Was it necessary for the ghetto procession behind him? While Jennifer Hudson sang Happy Birthday to Chris, Rihanna was in the bathroom text- messaging Omarion.

Best of Both Worlds

After spending soooo much time together recording ONE song, Omarion and Bow Wow have decided that they want to take their relationship to the next level and record an album together. It will be a "Best of Both Worlds" type album like the one Jay Z did with R.Kelly.
Do you remember these 2 kids on 106&Park?? Bow Wow talkin about how Omarion lovessss Pizza and O talking about how Bow Wow lovessss to play playstation all day. How corny.

Kelly Rowland Album Covers?

Over the past few months I have received at least 3 different " Official Kelly Rowland Album Covers". A new one has came up (pictured above) which is supposed to be THE album cover that she's going with. I'll just wait until the album hits stores on June 26 before I trust which one is the real one. Here are a few of the other "alleged"album covers for her sophomore album "Ms.Kelly"
And the good people over at has what June's issue of VIBE was supposed to look like. Kelly was was supposed to cover that issue but was replaced by Beyonce.

The Purple One Retires

But not a real retirement, just a Jay Z retirement. Doug Banks Morning Show has reported that after Prince finishes his 21 series of concerts in London then retire to study the the bible. The Artist is a Jehovah's witness who also actually goes out in the field and knocks on people's doors. So don't be surprised if a beautiful woman shows up at your door asking, "If you have a few seconds for the Lord?"

Star Jones Makes Me Wet...

Apparently she makes Al's cootch wet too! New York observers caught our very on Starlet Jones grinding her hoo-ha on Big Gay Al's girly parts. I hear this picture is from last year but it's all the same to me. As someone commented, "I bet watching her grinding live was like watching a pebble hit the surface of the water in slow motion"

Quick Scoops

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

OK Kanye??

This showed up in my mailbox today....Is that a purse or murse(man purse)? Please someone explain this to me....?


What I've Been Waiting For!!!!

Word on the street, A tell all book from Bobby Brown might surface in the latter part of the year. In the divorce proceedings Whitney may have put in a clause of Bobby not writing a book, but the clause didn't say anything about Bobby's dad or brother writing the book for him. Now Bobby's reps are lightly declining any such book but word is Bobby has recieved offers. In fact Bobby has recieve many offers but just not the right offer. As we all know, boby isn't the riches star in Hollywood, but when the right offers comes along, look for things to get interesting!!


Nergo Please.....

I didn't even want to touch this but you have to report "news worthy" things( and I say news worthy loosely) Nick Cannon proposed Selita Ebanks coming out of the they Metropolitan Museum. She said yes and some B-list/C-list stars celebrated with Nick,Selita, and both parents until Nick and Selita charted a plane back to his film that's in the works called American Son

First off, Congrads to you Nick but your such a dumbass! You became non-existent to me when you let go of Chirstina Milian.....Chirstina Milian!!! She maybe jobless..or broke...or whatever but she sure as hell makes up for it in other departments....AND she can cook! Negro you messed up...If Beyonce is the hottest chick in the game, Milian is at least in 4th place...

As for this proposal to Selita after just 8 months, you were just all over Kim Kardashin aka Super K.... Sorry Nick, We Don't Believe You, You Need More People!!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Damn D.L.??

If Rutgers was crying over Don Imus, then they should die over this. D.L. Hughley spoke his mind but I don't know if this was the right setting to do so. Funny but interesting video. Cyber jack from my she said "speak on it"

Update: NBC try to rip the video form youtube but I found another one..not as long as the first one but it gets to the point


Nate Dogg Isn"t Dead!!

Someone hacked into Nate Dogg's MySpace saying he died in a car crash killed by a drunk driver. Come on people! The publicist would update media outlets instead of MySpace ? Also Nate Dogg himself put out a bulletin saying:


Yea Nate. I suggest you hide the kusk before 5-0 decides to "check" on how your doing lol


Matthew Knowles Setting The Record Straight..Again

I didn't hear about this but Mr. Knowles was supposedly salty at Ne-Yo for including J-Hud on his new album, "Because of You." Plus we all know about the fall out on who wrote what on Irreplaceable. Rumor was Mr. Knowles also was salty because Ne-Yo made sure Beyonce didn't take too much credit for Irreplaceable." Ne-Yo told MTV "
Beyonce was at a show somewhere and right before the song came on, she said: 'I
wrote this for my girls...' BUT the song is a co-write. I wrote all the lyrics.
Beyonce helped me with the melodies and the harmonies and the vocal arrangement, and that makes it a co-write."
Afterward, rumors swirled that Knowles was so pissed that he was telling people, "Stargate wrote it." Stargate is the Norwegian production team that helped produce "Irreplaceable." But Mr. Knowles is denying the rumor saying "I didn't even know I was suppose to be angry at Ne-yo?" I've seen Mr. Knowles in action so if you ask me...I don't believe him lol

Quick Question

So where was Ahasnti and Kim Porter?...Take dat, That dat


Celeb Dogs

And I dont mean the kind that you carry on a leash, but the kind that should be caged up behind some Nike Shoxx or something.

Angela Bassetts dogs..

Model, Imans precious Sugarfoot!
Click here to see more celebs heinous extremities.

How To Party Like A Rockstar

.. It's quite simple if you are Jigga Man, who hosted the official after party for the Mayweather vs De La Hoya fight at Tao Nightclub in Vegas.
ALSO as you can tell Jay Z was NOT involved in the fatal airplane crash that killed 3 men. When the crash occured Jay was already in Vegas sippin on his "Ace of Spades".

Pretty Boy Floyd Gets In That A**, then Retires

Floyd Mayweather Jr registered a split decision victory over Oscar De La Hoya to claim the World Boxing Council (WBC) super welterweight title yesterday before announcing his retirement.In a fight expected to be one of the highest-grossing in boxing history, Mayweather won a tight verdict from two of the three judges to improve his career record to 38-0 with 24 knockouts.

The cocky as ever Mayweather was quoted as saying, ""I was having fun in there," a jubilant Mayweather said after winning a world title in his fifth weight division. "It was a hell of a fight but it was easy work for me. He threw a lot of punches but they weren't landing"
"Now I am going to retire," added Mayweather, who climbed into the ring at the start of the fight wearing a Mexican sombrero, a cheeky reference to his opponent's heritage on Cinco de Mayo. "I don't have anything else left to prove. I want to spend more time with my children." Gulf News

Here are a few celebrity shots from the fight:

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