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Usher and Tameka Walking...

[Pictures Courtesy of Mavrix]
That's pretty much all their doing. And someone please tell me what the weather is like in LA because I see no need for people to still be wearing Uggs.

Also, if you didn't already know, Tameka has been named "The Black Barbara Bush". Not only has Usher fired his mother,but also his publicist and bodyguards, all of whom Tameka did not get along with.

FIRST- Is he really going to marry his BABYSITTER????????????

oh my gosh she is so uuuuuuuuuuugggggggggllllllllllyyyyyy. usher why? if you were going to marry an older woman why not marry chilli she is hot. I don't know what's wrrong with that boy the pussy can't be that good hell she has how many kids her stuff is strected farther than a pair of pants owned by fat joe

That's a fucking huge ring.

she is the "head nurse" now fellas u know u can't argue with the head nurse and the cooch does get tight again after children, helllurrr!

usher is gay and this is the closest thing he could get to a man!!!

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