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Damn D.L.??

If Rutgers was crying over Don Imus, then they should die over this. D.L. Hughley spoke his mind but I don't know if this was the right setting to do so. Funny but interesting video. Cyber jack from my ybfchic...like she said "speak on it"

Update: NBC try to rip the video form youtube but I found another one..not as long as the first one but it gets to the point


Where is the outcry from mainstream media, the African American community, or all these people that called for Imus' head on a platter? D.L's last show got canceled so there isn't anyone to boycott. Was it really worth the laugh? Those young women are somebody's daughters. Any ideas?

How can you be complaining about illiteracy rates in the African American community and the state of black America in one breath and then tear down and malign young women who took up the challenge to pursue higher education.

The Rutgers Women's Basketball team members are beautiful! When the world gave them an opportunity to rage and unleash a fury toward Imus, they didn't. That's beautiful. When they had the eyes of the world on them, the exhibited grace and dignity. That's beautiful. When they had every reason and opportunity to malign and attack Imus, they forgave him. That's beautiful. D.L. Hughley's latest venture was canceled so he tried to piggyback on a painful period in our history by attempting to get a laugh on the cheap and THAT. WAS. UGLY!

He's just a washed up comedian thats not no where near funny

Damn, it's no longer available! What did he say?

D.L is ignorant anyway. I didn't even waste time and look at the clip!!

His comments were funny and partially true. Sometimes we have to laugh at things and stop being so uptight.

I guess he was trying ot make light of the situation, while they may not be eye candy. That was an unnecessary comment made on his behalf and I agree with g-e-m 2001 the women of Rutgers were beautiful in forgiving him and in the way they carried themselves. It's unfortunate how it spilled over into other areas and made hip hop the blame but thats a whole different conversation.

In my opinion one and all should browse on it.
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