Friday, December 29, 2006

Jaimee Foxworth is a Hussy

Word is this chicks been in the "Bootytalk" video's.. Another childstar turns to porn

Click here, here, here, and here (EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK)


Until Tuesday..

Enjoy your New Years my pretties!!


Mike Tyson Arrested...

Mike Tyson was arrested early Friday on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of cocaine after police stopped him shortly after he left a Scottsdale nightclub.

He showed signs of impairment and voluntarily submitted to field sobriety tests," said Hall, a member of the Buckeye Police Department who was working in the area as part of a holiday DUI task force

Come on now couldn't someone have pushed his tongue back in his mouth for him. Why did they have to photograph him looking like he just licked a window.


Oh Maia

There's been rumors circulating that the actress Maia Campbell [middle], most notable for starrin in the sitcome "In the House" with LL Cool J, has become a certified crack head. A while back there were alot of naughty photo's posted of her mangina. Word is that she allowed men to video tape and photograph her like that while she was high on crack. Poor Baby, here's a youtube clip of the video in question, the whole video is scheduled to be released to DVD in early 2007.

click [here] for video

Janet Jacksons 2007 Calendar

Jennifer Lopez in Aspen/Pregnant

Forget Mariah... J.Lo is in town! J.Lo was in Aspen shopping with her family, everything this woman wears is fierce. On the gossip tip Wendy Williams said that J.Lo is pregnant.. for the 18349823 time.


James Browns' Funeral

The soul singer's body was brought from Georgia, where he died on Christmas Day, to the offices of his friend, the Reverend Al Sharpton, in New York, in preparation for its final trip to the Apollo. A second public viewing will be held on Saturday in the James Brown Arena in Georgia and a private funeral will be held in Brown's hometown of Augusta

Click here to watch James Browns Funeral Live

Hey There Lil' Man...

Earlier this month Trina threw a party and Mr. Leather So Soft himself came out to kick it with her. Rumors are swirling that they are getting back together, I don't think these fugs ever broke up in the first place.. just sayin.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kobe Bryant and daughter Natalia

Kobe Bryant held an event at Disney World tonight through his Vivo Foundation, playing host to 20 kids from Miami and Orlando and bringing his family along for the fun and a group dinner

A Little Birdy Told Me..

That Remy Ma, Shawnna & Jacki-O are forming a "super group". That's too much testosterone in one picture for me.

Meet Bobby Browns Seed...

Landon Brown, I'm sending him a friends request right. as. we. speak

Check out Bobby Browns son, Landon's myspace at

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!

Mariah Carey was in Aspen

Here are more promoshots of New York

Reggie Bush was doing his part in helping the Katrina victims

Reggie Bush photo's courtesty of:GreenlightGossip

Every Guy Loves a Girl With Crotch Sweat.


Blind Item..

WHICH married record label boss is heavily promoting a certain sexy girl group despite its relative lack of talent because he's smitten with the lead singer..

Lil Kim's does Reality TV..again

Lil Kim has agreed to be on Celebrity Big Brother, but she has a list of demands.

  • She wants to be paid £500,000
  • Personal assistant in the house with her
  • Final approval of all footage of her
  • All expenses paid holidays in London and across America
  • Hot dogs within reaching distance at all times...

For those of you who don't know about the "Big Brother" shows it's a reality show but it's filmed live, so it would be kinda hard to have final approval of all footage since the show is live and not pre-recorded.

This chick wants too much, I bet Foxxy Brown would do it for a gucci purse.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Diana Ross at Ralphs

I guess everyone's playing paparazzi now-a-days. D.Ross was snapped at Ralphs in West Hollywood. Sources said as she hopped in her black PT cruiser a box of Anal-Ez and ho-ho's fell out her bag.

That Thong..

Sisqo is back in full effect, I guess. He has a new album coming out in 2007 titled "Enter the Dru (From the back)... Just joking, it's called "Return of the Dragon" or some ish like that. Anywho, here are 2 songs from his upcoming album.

R&B Zone

Grand Hustle and King Foundation Christmas Giveaway

Clifford "T.I." Harris helps give toys away to underpriviledged children at Grand Hustle's and King Foundation's Christmas Giveaway at Club Crucial on December 22, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Dayjah Harris

T.I. with sons Messiah and Domani

JD's Daughter..

What a cutie, her name is Shaniah Cymone Mauldin and she's the fruit of Jermaine Dupree's loin.. I guess it's true that 2 ugly people make a beautiful child, or atleast it is in her case. She's the new face of "Applebottom"... I find that disturbing that this child is modeling for "Applebottom jeans" but whatevah.

MTV Casting Call...

MTV is holding a casting call for a new show titled: "Shy Girls Who Want to Party"

MTV is looking for shy girls who are ready to break out of their shell. If you're sick and tired of your reputation as the quiet, conservative one, and want to unleash your inner party girl, we want you for an exciting new show! For full details email contact information to:

MTV can't stop, won't stop uh-uh.

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