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Every Guy Loves a Girl With Crotch Sweat.


Awwww maaaannnn, while are ya'll tryin to put my girl on blast all the time? So she has sweat gland tendencies.... I'm sure it was just hot in that place. ;-) lol!

Oh no!

Well damn.

It may have been hot in the place. Being on stage is often hot no matter where you are. That is where her people step in. This should not have happened. The color of the outfit should have been a navy or black then the sweat would not have shown as much. Much love to Fanny. She just needs some people to help look after her.

I love my girl too, she needs a STAFF UPGRADE. The people who she surrounds herself need to do a MUCH better job of looking out for her, and SHE needs to do a much better job of DEMANDING more from her PROFESSIONAL help.... or just find some new personnel.

I bet the house was rockin that night though!

Feel sorry for the laudry lady.nothing like the smell of Surf washing powder and hot kat trap pants


lol it happens.

Girl can sing though. I bet she rocked it.

thanx Sara B, I could not have said it better. FIRE THOSE MOTHERF***ERS PRONTO !!!

Its no big deal we all sweat.. There is something sexy about choochie sweat...

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