Friday, September 22, 2006

Sylvester Enjoys His Botox

Sylvester Stallone

.. mental note.. call the lady who waxes his eyebrows and schedule an appointment.


Quick News

  • So Jay-Z's mother is gay you say? I reported on this ish 2 months ago!

  • A certain rap mogul in the game is not taking care of his daddy duties

Have a GREAT Weekend!!

Micheal Jackson LeToya Jackson...

Here's another promo picture LeToya did to promote that dang Jesus Juice

It looks like she took the horses tail and draped that shit over her head!

Happy Birthday You Lil Troll

Jermaine Dupri celebrated his 56th birthday today in LA.. Happy Birthday you old geezer. Just joking, he's probably somewhere around 38.. or 40.. something like that


Obviously Gabrielle Union was stoked to be here

You know he's totally gonna be hittin that tonight.

This must have been the event of the DAY!

Blu Cantrell & Golden Brookes in LA

Here are a couple of pictures of Blu'alien' Cantrell and Golden Brookes at a US Weekly event.

Hey Blu

I won't even comment, ya'll know what's wrong with this picture.

BUT I will ask why does she always look like she got freshly injected before coming to these events, and I'm not talking botox kiddo's.

Here is Alicia Keyes at another event sporting almost the extact same type outfit, for some reason the leggings look better on her.

[pic courtesy of Juicy News]

Mya Questions 50 Cents Sexuality...

In a recent interview with Vibe magazine Mya spoke on the supposed rumors about her and 50 cent dating:

"Vibe: In the past you have been linked to artists like 50 Cent. Any comments?

Mya: Yes: it’s not true. 50 and I never dated, never cuddled, never did anything, period, despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind. I don’t know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me."

Mya girl I feel your pain, because I've been linked to Tyrese, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Tupac and Reggie Bush. Cold blooded.

Oh' Me Lucky Charms

Micheal Jackson has been spending time on the Emerald Isle recently, and is looking into buying an estate there — possibly a castle — according to reports.

What’s more, he’s supposedly interested in opening up a leprechaun-inspired theme park.

“Michael is deadly serious about this idea,” a source told

Ireland’s Daily Mirror. “He loves the whole idea of leprechauns and the magic and myths of Ireland. It would cost around 500 million Euros [about $635 million] to do.

He’s always wanted to open his own theme park and he thinks

Ireland is the perfect place and it will all be built around the leprechaun theme.”
The cash-strapped singer reportedly is meeting with businessmen to raise money for the park."

Is he gonna hire mini-leprechauns to work the rides, if so I'm there!

3 6 Mafia Gets New Reality Show

If I've said it once, I've said it over and over before. WHO do I need to call to get my ass on reality TV. This stuff is all scripted anyways, catch me after eating 2 Chalupa's, a cheeseburger and 3 tic-tacs, that'll be reality for your ass!

MTV cameras will shadow members of Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia as they attempt to expand their Hollywood presence in the wake of an Academy Award.

“Adventures in Hollyhood,” to be co-executive produced by actor Ashton Kutcher, will be set in Los Angeles and follow the group as they attempt to “establish themselves as Hollywood players.”

The act’s crossover profile has skyrocketed since picking up a best original song Oscar for "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," their track from the soundtrack to “Hustle & Flow.” On Monday, Three 6 Mafia performed on the pilot episode of NBC’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.”

This Is What 15 Minutes Of Fame Came Do To You..

Now I know "Hoopz" was riding her 15 min. of fame like little girls ride R.Kelly.. but now it's come back to hurt her. Once you start to be a somewhat celebrity the rumors will start flying.

We all remember the rumor where Hoopz was supposingly pregnant by D.Wade right. Well a new rumor has surfaced. People are claiming that Hoopz is HIV positive.

This accusation is just cruel and insensitive, I don't believe it. But dammit Hoopz if you woulda just gave up attending all those inDmix parties dressed in Forever21 items off of the sale rack we would have forgot who you were and left ya ass alone.

Julissa Recording an ALBUM?

BFF Julissa and Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girls)
Oh HELL. Just when I thought we couldn't get any worse then Cassie. Annoying ass Julissa, (the old host from 106&Park) is planning to record an album.

She’d never planned to be a pop singer, she told him. “But everyone I met in L.A. kept asking me, ‘Do you sing?’ ” she said. “And I was like, if Paris Hilton is making records, I’m not going to tell them no.” (glad it's that easy beeeyotch)

At Mr. Rodney Jerkins’s coaxing, she sang a verse or two of a Marc Anthony favorite. It was an untrained voice, to be sure, but Mr. Jerkins thought he heard something.

“You should do it,” he said. “But not big ballads. Your songs need to be light, fun, urban, reggaetón, some catchphrase stuff — that’s really where you need to be.” NY Times

I'd honestly rather listen to my neighbors dog fart.

OJ thinks he's popular...

WRONG. Those crazy bastards over at is running a contest where college kids take candid photos with OJ Simpson and send them. Cute right?Don't think so, how dare they degrade my beloved Orenthal James. Atleast he's looking.. healthy.

Quote of the Day...

I have "trouble" with Zahara's "black-person hair." [Brad Pitt on his adopted childs hair]

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Eva Pigford and Frenchie Davis

This is a beautiful picture, it was taken during ATL's Annual Gay Pride Parade.. These 2 have been friends since High School

Well isn't that nice...

Christina Aguilera reportedly sent Britney Spears a gift basket for lil Cleotus Jebidiah

According to Female First, Aguilera called up LA baby boutique, Petit Tresnor and placed an order for a $500 basket.Among the gifts were a set of porcelain crockery, a cuddly elephant, a hooded towel, slippers and a nightlight….The gift basket was accompanied by a card that read:

"Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Love Christina and Jordan"

I bet Britney was excited, cuz you know she woulda settled for a wooden horse, a glowstick, and a pair of Uggs.


Do you find that your left eye twitches whenever you hear a Beyonce song, or that your right leg starts shaking uncontrollably whenever you hear chicks screaming "Ring The Alarm"? Then you might suffer from Beyonce Overloaditis, but there is a cure!

Beyonce Overload Recovery Program

"This Myspace page was created by the official members of the Beyonce Overload Recovery Program, established in August of 2006 in cyberspace. And yes.....we are soooooo serious about this! A note--this is not a "hate" thing, but more like a "we're tired of seeing you everywhere, why don't you take a break for three, four, maybe ten years......k?" Let us miss you Beyonce! We used to be avid fans, now we're just fed up with the unnecessary overkill and mindless albums that we are just supposed to accept because you are Beyonce...not anymore!!! Anyone who feels the same way we do is free to join BORP, we will be making t-shirts in the near future HAHA! Again, this is not a "We hate Bey page"'s a "We need a break and so do you!" page. Enjoy! "

America's Next Top Model Re-Cap

**Sorry the pictures are soo big, blogger is acting crazy so I have to upload all the pictures manually**

So I didn't catch the first hour of America's Next Top Model because I was too busy out and about being the fabulous window shopper that I am. But I did catch the second hour. Here's my take on some of the ladies in this season.

Tyra- Bitch annoys me, I love her for this show, but when she came out acting like the stereotypical 'Diva', it did nothing but irritate the hell out of me, from that bad accent, to the bad make-up to the bad acting, it was all too much for my pretty freshly permed head.

Monique- Woulda whooped her ass for taking my bed, I seriously thought there was gonna be some "Flavor of Love" type fighting going on, I can't believe Monique had ENOUGH nerve to spill the water on the bed just to claim it as hers, we would have been tussling. And speaking of Mo'nique, doesn't this picture look a lil suspect.. like she had something tucked..

Anyways, the Raggedy Ann twins Amanda and Michelle are scary looking, like they should be in a horror film or something. Obviously modeling isn't all based on "looks" because these twins prove this theory wrong everytime I look at their nerdy mugs. I must admit, I thought they had the best pictures.

Anchal- bitch has potential.. point blank. Tyra said that she was too pretty, so she was going to have to "ugly" herself up in photoshoots. She seems like she doesn't have high self-esteem but we'll see

Megan- She'll be the one to come out and say she's el lesbiano

Christian- Who goes on "ANTM" and tries to do the "Tyra" pose in every photoshoot? She wasn't model material, she wasn't original and her Tyra poses sucked. She was too big of a Tyra fan to be on this show. I feel that her dreams were fulfilled when Tyra went and fixed her hair.

Kandi From 'Xscape' Speaks On Groups Split

"In 1993, at age sixteen, Kandi, along with Tiny and sisters LeTocha and Tamika Scott released their first single “Just Kicking It” off their debut album, Hummin', Comin' At 'Cha on So So Def Records, establishing themselves as four girls from around the way that could harmonize tighter than established contemporaries. Still, a number of things led to the disbandment of Xscape.

The petty: someone in the group steals Kandi’s diary out of her purse while on tour.

The complicated: inept management of the group finds the label profiting more than the talent.

Fights break out among the girls, specifically LeTocha and Kandi, over the group’s inefficient helming by their manager who also happens to be LeTocha’s boyfriend. During negotiations for their third record, Traces Of My Lipstick, LeTocha works out a solo deal without telling members of the band who ultimately find out through word of mouth. Lipstick is the group’s final record before Xscape is released from So So Def and the creative crafting of Jermaine Dupri, the man responsible for turning their hits into R&B classics.

But even after the group separated, problems would arise again in a 2005 reunion album shelved by Warner Brothers despite good reception to its first single “What’s Up” from the soundtrack to the movie ATL. No one mentions the reunion to Kandi, though she claims, during the time she spoke to Tiny everyday. Kandi finds out through Brandon of Jagged Edge who extends the invitation to reunite on behalf of the girls. She agrees on the condition that she write five songs and gets an executive producer credit on the album. Xscape finds Kandi’s replacement. "

Read more at Vibe

Saturday Night Live Drops 3 Cast Members

According to yahoo news the SNL studio will be looking a lil "emptier" come next week. They released 3 cast members, 2 of who had 8 year stints on the show, and 1 who had 3 years under his belt.

Chris Parnell

"After nearly a month of speculation regarding the fates of several Saturday Night Live castmembers, comes confirmation from NBC: Regulars Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz and Finesse Mitchell will not be returning to the late night staple.

Horatio Sanz
The non-announcement was made by simply omitting the players' names from a press release touting the start of the show's 32nd season, though a rep for the network denied there was any bad blood between the M.I.A. cast and svengali producer Lorne Michaels, or that their departure was the result of a firing."

Finess Mitchell
I haven't been approached with anything that's led me to believe I won't be back," Sanz told the Chicago Sun-Times less than a month ago. "I definitely enjoy the job and would like to stick with it."

As for Mitchell, his alleged axing is the most surprising, as speculation up until now has pegged fellow cast member Kenan Thompson, who will return this fall, as the third man out. Darrell Hammond, whose 11 seasons on the show mark a series best, is also in the clear, returning to the show despite murmurs that he, too, may have performed his last impression.
Yahoo News

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Katt Williams- Pimp Chronicles

After hearing RAVE reviews about this show and waiting patiently until someone put them on youTUBE I was more then excited to see when they arrived. Katt Williams (although he repeats his skits) has to be one of the funniest comedians out.

Check out this set on Micheal Jackson..

Also, check out his skits on Child Abuse, Weed and Haters

[Thx Juicy-News]

Rosie Says Oprahs GAY, and I Co-sign!

"Rosie O'Donnell trained her gaydar on Oprah Winfrey and her BFF Gayle King on "The View," saying that the talk-show queen and her BFF Gayle King are, despite their protestations to the contrary and despite their not being full-blown lovers, "a tiny bit gay."

As the denizens of "The View" mused about Oprah and Gayle's cross-country trip, as chronicled on Oprah's season premiere Monday, Rosie turned her attention to the pair. Her assessment? "You might be a little bit gay, you're just not doin' it," she said of Oprah and Gayle, explaining that an absence of sex wouldn't preclude the pair from sharing in a certain sapphic satisfaction.

Whether or not she's pushing Oprah and Gayle towards an admission, Rosie also said that she thinks everyone could be "a tiny bit gay." TMZ

Oh stop tryna recruit people to join your "bumping cootchie's" club Rosie.

Did You Know???

Well, apparently Faune A. Chambers and Fonzworth Bentley have been dating on and off for about 12 years, according to Both are natives of ATL and they both went to North Atlanta High School. Fonzworth graduated a year earlier than she did in the mid-90's. Faune is an accomplished actress, ya'll probably remember her from being Marlon Wayans wife in "White Chicks", and Fonzworth from holding Diddy's penis when he pee's.
.......and all this time here I am thinking Fonzworth was gay.
[pictures courtesy of PlayaVista]

Celebrity Twins!

Fun with Photoshop!


Set Your TIVO's!!

Don't forget to catch 'America's Next Top Model' as it makes it debut tonight at 8/7 CST on CW (previously UPN) with a 2 hour premiere I got a peek at the premiere and, as usual, all our fave stereotypes are present: the Bitchy girl, the Stripper, the Teen Mom, the narrowminded Republican, the Hard Luck Case the TWINS and YES, there is another Lesbian (I think that was supposed to be a secret).Fun fun fun

Episode Preview: The semifinalists participate in a revealing photo-shoot on a Sunset Strip rooftop; 13 women vie for 11 beds; Tyra's dramatic appearance kicks off a controversial photo-shoot

Janet Jackson Had GREAT Fat Sex..

Janet Jackson says that she had a great sex life when she was fat and overweight.

The pop superstar piled on 68lbs for a role in a movie that never happened but it didn’t stop her lover Jermaine Dupri finding her sexy.

She told Grazia: : "Not once did he make me feel uncomfortable. He'd grab me, pull me around the stomach, look me in the eyes and say, 'This needs love too!'”

"I thought that was the sweetest thing. I've never in my life had love that was so unconditional. My weight never affected my sex life. Nothing changed, nothing!"

Like my friend Tristan said, to be in your early 40's and talking about sex like you just started having it... something must be good. Source

Also BET has Janets whole CD so you can preview it before you buy it. 20 Y.O.

Quick News...

Christina Vidal has come on board the CW's comedy "Girlfriends" playing a tough celebrity fitness trainer. She replaced "Toni Childs". I'll see how much I like this, I personally hate when they add in another character of a different ethnicity, (example, 'replacing Star Jones with Rosie O'Donnell on The View'). Why couldn't they just hire Star Jones, that would have made for a great show.

Listen to Ludacris' new album 'Release Therapy' before it's actual release date (Sept .26) on MTV's The Leak launched last week as a way to petition against Paris' "exploitation of wild animals."

In the new issue of 'King' magazine, Bootz, the Los Angeles-based cosmetologist (reportedly fired from three salons because people hated her), speaks in a very present tense when speaking of her relationship with infamous Public Enemy hype-man.

"Flav is a man like any other man," she told the urban lad mag. "He's different but relationship-wise, I treat him like any other guy I would have a relationship with."


And she also waxed poetic on last year's haute mess of a finale where one notorious contestant got spat on.

"I was prepared to whoop ass," she reflected. "I wish somebody would've put their hands on me. Pumpkin better be happy she wasn’t on Season 2. It wouldn't have been no 'Flavor of Love.' The show would have been shut down."

Citizens of Southern California beware! Whitney Houston, who recently has been spending a lot of time in Orange County, paid a visit to the DMV
to renew her license. Which means if you see a woman with a bad wig driving erratically in the car behind you it's just Nippy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Money Ain't a Thang...

The rapper hit the coast of Monaco with not one, but two ultra-expensive driving machines on Monday. Jay-Z rolled out the jet black Ferrari F430 and the silver Pagani Zonda for an upcoming video, presumably "Show Me What You Got." Jay's first solo album in three years, "Kingdom Come," will be released on November 21. TMZ

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