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Janet Jackson Had GREAT Fat Sex..

Janet Jackson says that she had a great sex life when she was fat and overweight.

The pop superstar piled on 68lbs for a role in a movie that never happened but it didn’t stop her lover Jermaine Dupri finding her sexy.

She told Grazia: : "Not once did he make me feel uncomfortable. He'd grab me, pull me around the stomach, look me in the eyes and say, 'This needs love too!'”

"I thought that was the sweetest thing. I've never in my life had love that was so unconditional. My weight never affected my sex life. Nothing changed, nothing!"

Like my friend Tristan said, to be in your early 40's and talking about sex like you just started having it... something must be good. Source

Also BET has Janets whole CD so you can preview it before you buy it. 20 Y.O.

she was a chunker...but she looked cute with the weight on her...now she looks hard in the face. Maybe she lost too much weight too fast. I don't know, but she does not look good in the face.

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