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Serena, Zab, Busta...

What do all 3 of these hootchie's have in common? Well let me tell you.

Recently Serena was spotted at Club Sol's in VIP getting cozy with the very married boxer Zab Judah. I can only imagine what kind of conversation their stank breaths were exchanging, Zab was probably talkin' bout who's muscles were bigger while Serena was most likely trying to keep herself from sliding out the chair from all that Johnson&Johnsons baby oil she slathered on before hitting the club.

Anyways, Mrs.Judah coincidentally ended up at the same club and casually tried to get into VIP with her husband (mind you him and Serena are sitting in the VIP area chopping it up). The bouncers DENIED her entry even after she stated that she was Zab's wife. Bitch went crazy and threw a Foxy Brown style hissy fit screaming and cussing, grabbed Zab and dragged him out of the club.

So where does that leave Serena? With Busta Bust, sources said she started texting him immediately after the altercation and he soon came to comfort her in VIP. NY Daily News

What, this is too much. First Serena and Zab Judah, now her and Busta Rhymes. What is going on?!?

I didn't think she was into Brothers? But you know what the say once you go b___k you never go back....LOL

What's up with the Greezzy LOOk SLICk

heres a wet nap

Keep it shine free & Cute


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