Friday, December 15, 2006

Jennifer Hudson On Her Grind...

Aside from being casted in what I consider the lead role of one of the most talked-about movies this year, Jennifer Hudson has also scored a record deal, numerous interviews on talk shows and now she's gotten nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe award. This is Jennifers FIRST acting and singing gig aside from American Idol and performing at theme parks. Way to do it big!!

[Jennifer on the Today Show]

  • Jennifer performs 'One Night Only': Link
  • Jennifer does her rendition of ' And I Am Telling You": Link A MUST HEAR!!

Remember Dreamgirls hit theatres Dec.25!!

Duke Rape Accuser Gives Birth

This is kinda awkward but news-worthy nonetheless, the women who accused 3 Duke Lacrosse players of raping her apparently gave birth yesterday.

The woman says she was raped by three men in a bathroom at a team party. The alleged attack happened roughly nine months ago.

Defense attorneys have claimed for months that no sex occurred at the party and they have cited D-N-A testing that found genetic material from several males.

Hmmm, either she could have been a flip that night or she very much indeed could have been raped, but the evidence is out now so we'll all know for sure atleast ONE of the guys who raped her. Atleast the child will be athletic.. ok ok that was bad, Jesus has a place for me.


See How They Live...

Kinda like a sports only "Cribs".. Deion Sanders is the host of a new "webisode" series called AT&T's Home Turf which takes viewers on a sneak peek inside the homes of professional athletes.

Deion takes you on a tour of his mansion that could probably house a small African Village. A few of the stops that are on the tour is an indoor basketball court, bowling alley, barbershop, an emperor size bed in the master Bedroom (that's a bed you can roll over on 4 times as Sanders demonstrates), a black marble master bath with sunken jacuzzi and a 2-story walk-in closet and garage in his bedroom.

Click here to visit the website

Pictures Courtesy of SandaRose

Eddie.. Is that YOU??

Yesterday I was browsing through youtube looking for Trae's new song "No Help".. as I happily sat back with my box of apple jacks and ju-ju-be's anticipating the video I was quickly in disarray (you like that huh) to see that Eddie from "That's So Raven" was up in this peice being a hardcore Disney gangsta . Damn video just lost all it's credibility...

Remember Eddie also played Nelson on The Jamie Foxx Show (Jamie's Lil Homie) , and was the cute little "Drill Master" in Major Payne.

Trae - No Help Ft. Z-Ro

Rumor has it...

....that Junior Mafia is about to make their official comeback. And with this comeback comes a new female rapper, who will replace the long-gone Lil' Kim.

Things that make you go Hmmm....

Baby of "Cash Money" Sister Killed In Car Accident..

Tamara Williams the sister of Ronald "Slim" Williams' and Bryan "Baby" Williams' of Cash Money 26, was allegedly killed Dec. 11 in a head-on collision in New Orleans.

Williams, died when her 2006 Toyota Camry was struck by a motorist who was driving towards oncoming traffic on a downtown boulevard.

Williams graduated from Dillard University, where she earned a degree in psychology in 2003, and Our Lady of Holy Cross College, where she was studying to become a nurse.

The youngest of six siblings, Williams was the baby in the family. Friends said Tamara never boasted about her family ties. She was fiercely independent and worked hard in school to make her way on her own. Williams, who was married, also wanted to be able to support her three children: Peter McDonald, 9; Damon Landry Jr., 5; and Damonte Landry, 3.

When Peter learned of his mother's death, friends said he used a cell phone to send her the text message "I love you."

Sad sad story, the driver of the automobile is in the hospital where he is under serious condition. My condolences go out to Baby and the family.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lenny Kravitz Daughter in French Magazine

Wild child, Zoe Kravitz graces the cover of a recent issue of the French mag Jalouse. The 18-year-old is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.

Look out for Zoe next year, when she makes her acting debut in the movie “No Reservations.”


Tyra in Australia

Tyra Banks was in Sydney, Australia yesterday teaching ANTM Cycle 8 girls how to pose.

I don't know what she calls this pose but in the bedroom it goes by a little something called crouching tiger snappin cootchie.


Tyson and Naomi in Ad Campaign

Tyson Beckford and Naomi Campbell got together for the Pirelli Pzero ad campaign.

Love love love my beautiful black people!

Beyonce Re-Releases her Album/Photoshoot

As if there isn't enough Beyonce-overload, word is she's planning on re-releasing her album B-Day with new tracks. She also will be releasing it in Espanol'... OY!

Sooo be prepared for more Beyonce-itis for the next 3-6 months!

Here's a recent photoshoot she did for K-Mart House of Dereon.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where's My Ass??

I don't think she's digging for that string...

[Victoria Secret Model Karolina Kurkova]

Kelis does McDonalds

Yes, Kelis is promoting the McDonalds Arch Card, for those of you who don't know it's a re-fillable debit-like card that you can use at McDonalds. It's a mas present I've been wanting since I was 5.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Diddy's At It Again..

DIDDY IS BACK and this time, he's looking for the best *MALE* talent in the nation!

If your voice rivals Justin Timberlake's. . .AND you put Usher to shame on the dance floor. . .YOU may have what it takes to MAKE THE BAND!

Nationwide casting calls are being held in early 2007 - and DIDDY WANTS YOU!

Look for upcoming auditions in:
Los Angeles
New York City!

Danity Kane from Making the Band 3 has already become a HUGE success!Don't miss your opportunity to make history with DIDDY'S INTERNATIONAL *MALE* SUPERGROUP in Making the Band 4!

Aww this should be cute!


If Celebs Were Kids..

Missy Elliot
Kelly Rowland
Gwen Stefani

Beyonce and J

Shout-out to Don Chi Chi over at PlatformLaunchAction for the pictures!!!

Angelina Jolie in Hello Magazine

Angelina Jolie has adopted such beautiful children!

Here's the family

Shiloh Nouvel- She's the baby between Angelina and Brad, in all actuality he looks like the outcast of the group! Still he's beautiful and has those "Jolie" lips


Dreamgirls Premiere..

Yeah yeah there was another "Dreamgirls" premiere and Beyonce, J.Hud, Anika, Jamie Foxx and the rest of the cast were there.

Jennifer Hudson
Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne and friend.

Randy Jackson and his daughter Zoe...

Aside from Beyonce's dress being STUNNING.. Is there something wrong with her boobies?

That heffa got implants.

Queen Latifiah and Girlfriend Breaking Up??

I'm probably the only one who still doesn't think the Queen is gay.. but apparently some people do.

Rumors are running rapid that the Queen and her longtime boo Jeanette Jenkins, who also happens to be her trainer are on the verge of splitting up. Perez Hilton reports that they "have been arguing a lot lately, and that "were seen getting into fights at their hotel - the SoHo Metropolitan - two nights in a row recently."

The two are currently in Toronto filming the movie musical with John Travolta which the King stars in.

Ludacris Loves His Friends

Ain't no fun if yo friends can't get none is Luda's motto, before every performance Luda demands "something to "entertain" his friends including a video and 12 clean white towels".
He also wants a sofa, lamps and candles to create a "romantic vibe", mouthwash, breath freshener, Patron Silver tequila, vodka, pasta and sweets.

I guess those monopoly games can get pretty intense.

Source: MirrorUK

Nicole Richie Arrested for DUI

TMZ reported yesterday that Nicole "Feed The Children" Richie was arrested yesterday for a DUI. Police were called when motorists saw her driving her SUV in the wrong direction on the highway in LA. When Richie was booked the had told officers that she had taken the painkiller Vicodin and smoked ganja, buddah, dro, kill .. whatever you like to call it.

Somehow TMZ also got a hold of the 9-1-1 call that was made to the police department from motorists on the highway. Here

What's shocking most people is that they weighed her in as a whooping 81 pounds for her 5'1 frame.

Glad to know that the weight issue totally overshadows the fact that this pogostick was driving high on the wrong side of the damn highway .

New Couple Alert!!

Game and Samantha Mumba

Word is when they first met the Game thought she was a groupie. Turns out he's fallen head over heels for Samantha Mumba. He was even quoted as saying:"Beautiful girl. I love what she does and her accent, it just kills me. She's crazy, crazy beautiful." Off camera he said how she can make "that ass clap like those girls in the videos".. He's a sweet sweet man!

Sue Happy...

According to Allhiphop , Legendary daredevil motorcycle stuntman Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Kanye West, claiming the Chicago rapper tarnished his image in the video for the hit single "Touch The Sky."

Knievel, 68, claims the video disgraced him and accuses Kanye West of ripping his image apart.
The video, which stars actress Pamela Anderson Lee, features Kanye West as a fictional stuntman named "Evel Kanyevel" attempting to jump a canyon. Evel Knievel's lawyer Richard Fee claims the video is a recreation of Knievel's failed attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon in Western Wyoming in 1974.

"In my opinion, this video maybe reflects West and his way of life, but it's sure not mine," Knievel told the St. Petersburg Times. "I don't want my children or my grandchildren associated with this kind of thing...I want it stopped."

Evel Knievel doesn't like black people.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lisa Leslie is going to be a Mommy!

Lisa Leslie, a three-time MVP player for the WNBA, has announced that she will sit out the 2007 season after learning she is pregnant.The 35-year-old and her husband, Michael Lockwood, are expecting their first child in June.

"I will be cheering my teammates on...I've been working out...I haven't been sick," said the center for the Los Angeles Sparks.

Source: LadiesLoveSports2

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