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See How They Live...

Kinda like a sports only "Cribs".. Deion Sanders is the host of a new "webisode" series called AT&T's Home Turf which takes viewers on a sneak peek inside the homes of professional athletes.

Deion takes you on a tour of his mansion that could probably house a small African Village. A few of the stops that are on the tour is an indoor basketball court, bowling alley, barbershop, an emperor size bed in the master Bedroom (that's a bed you can roll over on 4 times as Sanders demonstrates), a black marble master bath with sunken jacuzzi and a 2-story walk-in closet and garage in his bedroom.

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Pictures Courtesy of SandaRose

He should have just built in a Wal-mart and a sanctuary into the back of the house... then he'd never have to leave... and we'd all be free from seeing his tacky, pimp-like suits any more.

^^^I agree. Those pastel and neon suits that he and the other players wear are just down right tacky.

Isn't he suppose to be a minister? Everything about Deion screams gaudy and tasteless.

Tacky indeed. Why does he look special?

i've always wanted a big ass bed like that.

All ya all talking shit about deion need to shut ur mouth..... and this about him being tacky... get over yourselves hes probobaly the best dressed man in this world.. thats what hes known for dumbass's... why dont you go somewhere else and talk shit bou someone else..... kk kk

I luv you deion and pilar. Those of you that don't get over them you silly haters.

Sanders demonstrates), viagra a black marble master bath with sunken jacuzzi and here a 2-story walk-in closet and garage in his bedroom.

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