Friday, November 17, 2006

Quick Scoops MegaPost!

I'm in DC for my birthday so please excuse me for the lack of posts, I'm on vacation dammit. Have a great weekend my pretties!

Whitney's Broke?
Whitney Houston's New Jersey mansion is slated to be sold at a sheriff's sale because she is more than $1 million behind on the mortgage and taxes have not been paid this year. Damn Whitney where'd all the money go, to bad you didn't save those "receipts", they would have came in handy while trying to sell the crack back. Continue Reading Story Here

New Couple Alert!
  • Chilli from TLC and Akon!? I guess it can work, isn't he a polygamous or something? That's all one big orgy to me anyways, Hardy Har Har!

Micheal Disappoints

Yesterday was the World Music Awards and the most anticipated performance of the night was Micheal Jackson to perform "Thriller" with Chris Brown. Apparently Micheal left that deed to Chris Brown because he didn't show on-stage to perform. Fans went buckwild ya'll and are demanding refunds, K Y Jelly and buttplugs. Word is Ne-Yo said Chris Brown can dance circles around Ursher and Omarion, no doubt.

Jim Jones on the cover of "The Source"

Jim Jones on the cover of ' Source'. Jay-Z did a Jim Jones diss track rapping over "Ballllliiiinnnnn" called "Brooklyn High" how about "BOORRRIIINNNGGGG". Click here to listen

O.J.'s All About That Money

Yesterday OJ Did an exclusive interview on how he would have "hypothetically" killed his wife. OJ's still a looker, if it wasn't for that brief court-case I'd hook him up with moms.

Chris Rock and Malaak

Could the 'divorce' rumors be false? Yesterday Chris Rock "rocked" his wife on his arm at the Living Legends Annual Dinner.

Celebrity Poker Tournament

Yes, that's a pile of dookie on his head. If he was going for the Mohawk look it wasn't working

The Sexy Will Smith

Carmelo Anthony premieres his shoe

Hmm is that a tattoo of the "Puerto Rican" Flag on his hand?

Guess That Move

Beyonce performed at the World Music Awards

Maybe "De Ja Vu or Crazy in Love"?

"To the Left to the Left"

"Ring The Alarm"
Damn, I feel good about myself now.

Rihanna also did her thug-dizzle

Emmett Smith at Ronald McDonald Charity House

What a beautifully made man.

Damn Gina!!

Well, Hottie has been on my "Hot Mess" radar for the pass 3 months, I guess she doesn't want to give up that title.

Cassie on TRL

I love Cassie's jeans, I want to run over to JCPenny's Womens section and grab me like 4 pair.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OJ is "hypothetically" retahhded

O.J. Simpson is scheduled to talk about the murder of his ex-wife in a TV interview for FOX. The special titled, “O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened” will air on November 27th and November 29th. O.J. describes how he would have carried out the murders he has vehemently denied committing for over a decade. He also was offered 3.5 million off of his book by the same name.

This is just cruel and immoral... I'm totally going to watch it.

Source: Forbes

Rumor has it...

Illseed over at All-Hip Hop is hearing about some beef that Buffie The Body may have with Flavor Flav's girl Deelishis. Now, (I hope I have this right) I heard the pair were both in Knob Noster, MO (where?) at a party and Buffie was upset that Dee was on the same stage.

Now, Buffie reportedly refused to talk in the mic as the hostess until Deelishis was off the stage. When Dee got off, the “Flavor of Love” star quickly made a comment to the crowd like, "This (a**) is real like no other" and looked at Buffie. Buffie’s butt is equally unique, but fighting over it is crazy.

What was funny is that Buffie complained about Dee the whole time, but the pair eventually had to ride in the same limo back to their hotels. Buffie reportedly tried to get a separate limo and failed.

The Real Reason Behind "Blackstreets" Break-Up.

After shelling out number one hits like "Don't Leave Me Girl", and "No Diggity", Chauncey Black speaks with All Hip-hop on why the the group 'Blackstreet' really split up.

"The real deal is Teddy left Virginia because he was sleeping with my girlfriend. So me and him got into a little conflict. And I really… I don’t even know what would happen if I see him, you know what I’m sayin’. So I think he just better tread lightly. I even got a song to touch on that, but I’ma give it to AllHipHop first."

Wow Teddy Riley was doing some sheisty stuff, I guess Karma's a bitch named Melinda Santiago because ol' girl did him dirty too, remember his "divorce"?!?!

Catch the rest of the interview here

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!

A Benefit Concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom

OH Aretha Franklin, someone needs to stage an intervention, she doesn't look healthy at all, put down the plate of Hog' Mog's and eat a salad, I don't want you to turn out like Levert.

Halle and boyfriend Model Gabriel were in NY

The UK Music Hall of Fame Show went down last night

Obviously Easter comes a little early for Pattie LaBelle

Joss Stone performed, word on the street is that she's working with Raphael Saadiq on her next album, she's going to have a more R&B vibe this time around
Beyonce and PrinceShe's going to take after her mother with those lambchop legs

James Brown, Papa needs a new suit!

Fat Joe and Game at Virgin Megastore

Helio Launch Party

Blu Cantrell

Cuba Gooding

Quick Scoops

  • Eva Pigford is changing her last name to Marcille, Pigford just sounded like something I'd see in a barnyard anyways.

  • Brigitte Neilson, the originator of the name "Foofy Foofy" is pitching a series called "Stud Farm" where she's going to have male escorts set up with lonely women who are divorcées or widows,". *Yawn*

  • Barack Obama says he will run for president , check out the story

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not A Good Year For The Jacksons

or LaToyas stomach..

Thanks ST8 Outta NYC for the picture

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