Friday, April 13, 2007

Unsexiest Men in 2007

The compiled a list of the 100 most unsexy men in 2007 and our boy Jay-Z came in at #76. A reader was quoted as saying :“It’s like he’s got a lazy eye, only it’s his whole face.”

Others who topped the list:
Flaverrrr Flav came in at #3
O.J. Simpson came in at #25
Pacman Jones (NFL) came in at #43
YingYang Twins came in at #69
The Geico Caveman (this must be a mistake) came in at #83

Rocsi Covers KING Magazine

106 & Parks Rocsi covers the "JUNE 07" issue of KING Magazine...

Death Row Sex Parties

PanacheReport reports that the label "Death Row" dabbled in well-known sex parties back in the 90's,

"According to Frank Alexander, in his book, "I Got Your Back," Death Row hosted infamous sex parties/orgies. He said, 'Suge would fly women in from everywhere, mostly from Atlanta, Ohio and Las Vegas. The parties were catered with the best soul food around, including: smothered pork chops and smothered chicken, fried chicken, barbecued ribs, collard greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread.

At one of the parties, I lost track of Tupac and then someone told me he was in another room of the house. I was kicking it with the TV remote. I started switching channels, one of the bedrooms had a camera in it. Pac was in the room having sex with this girl. I turned it off right away because I didn't want to invade his privacy.

Later on when Suge showed up, I told him about it. He said, "I don't have any cameras in the bedroom." I showed him the channel and Suge flipped. No shit! I got fucking cameras in the bedroom?"

At another one of the parties, Pac walked out of the shower into the living room butt naked. The women gasped at the size of his manhood and he started playfully chasing a woman around the room with his manhood.It wasn't like he was trying to hide anything since all the women were either dressed in scandalous bikinis or shorts or walking around nude. This was a orgy in progress. "
Don't they know that damn food gives you gas, why would someone want to "gas" a chick up before poking her anus?! Crazy fools.

Rev. Sharptons's Penis Just Got Hard...

Rev. Sharpton just can't get enough of all the press he stands to receive for all these cases of "racial and ethical insincerity's", a new case has come up where director "Oliver Stone" made a racial remark in reference to black people liking the movie "Scarface", according to NYDAILY NEWS:

"Oliver Stone may wind up in the same circle of hell as Don Imus now that the director has been accused of using the N-word.
Screenwriter Barry Michael Cooper says Stone whipped the racist epithet on him at an L.A. party shortly after Cooper's movie "New Jack City" came out in 1991.
"Oliver Stone's my hero, so I went over to him," Cooper recalls in StopSmiling magazine. "I said, 'Man, I love your movie 'Wall Street.' … He said to me, 'Okay, thank you very much. I bet you like 'Scarface,' too. All n—s like 'Scarface.'"

Mind you, this was said in 1991, when Oliver Stone was high of off that ooohhh-weeee.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Show Will Go On..

After the Whit & Bobby divorce there were rumors that Karrine "Superhead" Steffans would replace Whitney on the BRAVO show "Being Bobby Brown" . Well apparently that was a rumor, and this too could be one, but a little birdie told me that MIKE TYSON will replace Whitney. Word is that Mike&Bobby are filming footage around Vegas at this very moment and some of the footage includes Mike at a boxing exhibition and Mike in INDIA, working on a "Bollywood" film.

Anti-Rape Condom!

The things my people come up with, according to Walk Taken:

"Rapeex is an anti-rape female condom invented by a South African woman. The condom is inserted manually whenever she is traveling alone, late or night or thinks she will be in a situation where she might be vulnerable to being raped. When the man enters the woman, sharp microscopic barbs that are inside the condom hook on to the man’s penis. This would ideally give the woman time to escape. The condom can only be surgically removed (therefore alerting the hospital and police), but will not cause any major damage if the man get helps immediately."

It's hood in the streets of Souf Africa.

New Couple Alert!

Kiely from "3Lw" and "Cheetah Girls" was spotted leaving "Area" nightclub in LA with her boo J.R. Rotem, if that name sounds familiar, it should. Ol' boy was once rumored to have dated Britney Spears and Mya, he's a music producer so he's as grimmy as they get. Speaking of grimmy, check out that lovely chocolate morsel of a nipple.

Shar Jacksons $15,000 Surgery

Splash News has pictures of Shar Jackson pre and post surgery. The pictures are very graphic and may not be safe for the eldery, children or animals.

Check out SPLASH NEWS for more pictures

You Don't Think U Can Say "Nappy Headed Ho's" And Get Away With It??

Especially if you are of the Caucasian persuasion. MSNBC announced on Monday a two-week suspension of its simulcast of Imus' show after Imus referred to the Rutgers players as "nappy-headed hos." But as part of an "ongoing review process," which included input from its own employees, NBC Universal decided stronger action was necessary, and dropped his simulcast completely. This isn't the first offensive or racially charged statement Imus has said, a while back I heard that he had called someone a "Jiggaboo"on his show.

And if this ain't bad enough A radio station morning DJ encouraged listeners to call and say "I'm a nappy-headed ho" for a"Phrase that Pays" contest where listeners who called in would be awarded tickets to a NASCAR promotion at a local club.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Congratulations Mother Winslow!! has compiled a list of ALL the hottest TV grandma's, and I'm happy to report that YOU, Mother Winslow have made the cut! Congratulations on preserving your sexy for this long. Check out Mother Winslows myspace.
Who also made the list were:
Mona Robinson from "Whos the Boss"
Blanche from "Golden Girls"
Sue Johanson, the old lady on tv who does the sex-talk shows!!
Scooped up at ONTD

Anna Nicole MegaPost

So we finally found out yesterday who the father of Dannilynn is and as we all knew it was Larry Birkhead, a part of me believed Anna knew who the real father was and that's the reason she commited suicide, yeah I said it, she commited suicide, on top of that I think her heart was hurting from missing her son. Poor Howard K. Stern, I won't be surprised if he comes out with a book about all this mess. All his ties to Anna, the love of his life, are now cut.

Speaking of Book, Anna Nicole's sister, Donna Hogan, was out in NY promoting her book about Anna Nicole's life called, "Trainwreck: The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith". Tacky. But am I surprised? No. Her family has been trying to make millions off of her from day 1.

And lastly, they have already hired Popstar, Willa Ford, to play Anna Nicole in her upcoming biopic which will start shooting next week.

picture courtesy of "ICYDK"

Hoopz in "Blackmen Magazine"

Sooooo, why haven't I seen these pictures? Apparently they are quite old (published in February's issue), but better late then never. Here are pictures of Hoopz in "Blackmen Magazine", word is she also has some "naughty" pictures that she took at home in the bathroom floating around the net... anything to stretch those 15 min. of fame!

Eminem Hits it From the Back...

After rear-ending a female driver in Michigan last week, rap star Eminem was a complete gentlemen–even hugging the lady after the two had swapped insurance info. According to reports:

"The rapper drove his $200,000 Mercedes into the woman’s Dodge Intrepid vehicle and was full of remorse as he exchanged details. The pair was spotted laughing as they checked the damage done in the crash, and Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, hugged the lady before they both went on their way."

Splash News Online

T-Pain Where's Your Chain?

According to SOHH T-Pain hit up a radio show the other day and talked about what all the haters had to say about him.[ Audio ]He sounded a bit bitter too. Apparently a dude in the NYC the day before his album dropped put a gun to his stomach and snatched his chain. Pain said it was one of his whack chains (30k) and he had just got it.

Beyonce Karaoke Anyone?

The fabulous people over at SOHH went to BET's Spring Bling and got a few spring breakers to sing "Upgrade You" karaoke style. I've reach my quota of seeing pink weave, gold teefes and dreds for the rest of the month but ya'll check it out, I still giggled a little!
[Click Picture to Watch Video]

Killa Kam's Rhyme Book Spoof

Ahotmess posted a spoof of what Cam’Ron’s Rhyme Book would look like if found. Why can't I stop laughing at the whole "I voted for Dipset sticker!!"

My New Favorite Person is FANNY!

Fantasia made her Broadway debut as Celie in The Color Purple last night in NYC.

The play’s web site now says “starring Fantasia” in type almost as big as the show’s title, and that’s for good reason: she’s a huge box office draw. Her casting brought $6 million into the box office!! I've yet to hear reviews of the show but I'm sure she did an UH-MA-ZING job!!


Baby Jesus is trying to destroy me. I woke up this morning to find out that "Eddie" (Orlando Brown) from "That's So Raven" was arrested on drug charges in Houston yesterday. According to the news website:

"Orlando Brown was pulled over for driving with his lights off.An officer then reportedly found nine grams of marijuana in the vehicle. Brown plays the sidekick Eddie on “That’s So Raven.” He is now charged with possession."

DAMMIT, See it's because he was hanging with Trae, Slim Thug and all those damn Swisha House members. No, lie, they even put his ass in a video..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pretty Ricky Clothing Line

The sibling quartet revealed to that they have plans to launch their own clothing label, Pretty Clothing. Though the clothing line is still in its infant stages, Slick ‘Em tells that there will definitely be something for everybody in the line.

“Pretty Ricky does not discriminate. We don’t do plus sizes; we do super sexy sizes for all my big girls out there!” Slick ‘Em revealed back stage at Spring Bling. “I’m talking inches on top of inches on top of inches of sexiness!” Be sure to stay tuned for more details!"

Check out Pretty Ricky's Performance at BET's Spring Bling to get a taste of what to expect as their outfits.. Shit's FIYA SON!

Tyra Banks: Baby Hair Edition

Dammit baby Buddah, all those times I posted pictures of Tyra and pleading for her to at least pull out some baby hairs so her janked up lace-front wig wouldn't look as bad has backfired. Did she really just use "Lets JAM!" to find those baby hairs? I digress. Here is Mrs.Banks leaving Mr.Chows Chinese restaurant yesterday.

Guess WHO!?!

Which buxom U.S. pop/R&B star was declined entry to a press-club room on a recent media tour of Japan until she covered up her famous assets with a less-revealing outfit?

Watch "Charm School" Full Episode

For those of you who just can't wait until Sunday to watch "Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School", I have a little surprise for you, VH1's VSPOT is now streaming the first FULL episode minus the dramatic elimination at the end of the show! Enjoy and you're welcome!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday MegaPost!!

Yeah that's Macy Gray, and yeah she's nekkid. She supposedly likes to walk around the house butt booty ass naked, saying she got it from her mom.
Happy 34th Birthday Pharreeezyy!! He was joined with Diddy and Jigga Man as they toasted to Cristal! Just joking, they of course were drinking "Ace of Spades" cham-pag-nay!

Want to smell like Ursher!? Do ya?! Well dammit now you can with his new 2 part cologne.. USHER and USHER. The "He" of course is for the gents, and the "Her" is for the ladies.

These are the promo pic's for the newest spin- off of America's Next Top Model, called "Nigeria's Next Top Model".. the concept is the same, where 15 girls will be battling it out for a modeling contract, this time it will be in Africa. The website is temporarily closed down due to some type of surge but when I get more info I'll letcha know what's up!
Vuuurryyy nice :)

So there's a rumor that Young Jeezy & USDA are assembling all-white female street teams in various cities across the country, as part of the promotion for the group's latest single "White Girl." I recently read today that this was just a rumor and there was no such thing in the works.. who cares, I think this is a bomb ass idea.. maybe.

Sooo after being called "Baby Murphy"for a few days, Melanie B has finally gotten around to naming her daughter, Fortuna Daphne Bay.. Daphne Bay sounds like a neighborhood and Fortuna sounds like that stripper who made her ass clap in my face one night in Magic City.

The Cheetah Girls, minus Raven, were at a movie premiere last week. Seriously, who wears their Easter outfit to movie premier's

Mary J Blige and her husband attended the "Entourage" Third Season Premiere this week

Shar Jackson (Kevin Federlines ex, and Neicy on Moesha) went under the knife a few months back getting work done on her jaw and stomach. Her body looks like a square, but I guess that's what's hood now. Shout of to C&D for the picture.

Angela & Vanessa Simmons unveiled their new line of footwear, Pastry: The Cake Collection at the Underground Station on Thursday in Atlanta last week. V&A took a stab at entrepreneurship with the launch of their footwear/sneaker line. The Pastry Shoes Collection will consist of colorful mid priced athletic footwear for women. Each pair of shoes will come with a stick of lip gloss (A little accessory) with the scent and color matching the shoe’s theme and ribbon wrapped box for the sneakers

Here's the official ad for the collection..Yummy. Mrs.Carter can't stop won't stop, here she is in Tokyo, the first stop on her WORLD tour! Also, she was seen sporting a ring that spelt out "Shawn"... it is not an engagement ring my friends, ALSO, Jay Z denies that he has a love child, and thinks it's down right dirty of us gossip blogs to assume so.
*Mental note* Find out who designs those shoes.

Speaking of Easter, Snoop D- O -Double- G and family celebrated their Easter Holiday by hosting a community Easter Egg Hunt at a high school in LA

Yeah that's "Lady of Rage" and Miles from Moesha.

Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons hosted their very own Easter Party in NYC. I see a little "Kimora" in Aoki! Cute girls

While we are on the subject of the Simmons, Russell Simmons is selling his MASSIVE New Jersey Mansion he shared with Kimora for $23.8 million. The Mansion is WELL worth 23.8 million, it has gold sinks and toilets, a movie theatre, state of the art gym, handwoven CARPET, swimming pools with waterfalls and that's not even the beginning of it.

Alicia Keyes took a break from her rigorous marathon running and attended the Timberwolves vs. Knicks game.

Just a few days before Nia Long was there cheering too!

Lastly...Honestly Oprah must live under a rock, or at least Steadmans balls sack because she was quoted as saying: "wasn't quite sure who she was. I remember saying, 'What does she do?' and nobody could say actually what she did." Oprah Winfrey didn't know who Anna Nicole Smith was before she died.

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