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America's Next Top Model Re-Cap

**Sorry the pictures are soo big, blogger is acting crazy so I have to upload all the pictures manually**

So I didn't catch the first hour of America's Next Top Model because I was too busy out and about being the fabulous window shopper that I am. But I did catch the second hour. Here's my take on some of the ladies in this season.

Tyra- Bitch annoys me, I love her for this show, but when she came out acting like the stereotypical 'Diva', it did nothing but irritate the hell out of me, from that bad accent, to the bad make-up to the bad acting, it was all too much for my pretty freshly permed head.

Monique- Woulda whooped her ass for taking my bed, I seriously thought there was gonna be some "Flavor of Love" type fighting going on, I can't believe Monique had ENOUGH nerve to spill the water on the bed just to claim it as hers, we would have been tussling. And speaking of Mo'nique, doesn't this picture look a lil suspect.. like she had something tucked..

Anyways, the Raggedy Ann twins Amanda and Michelle are scary looking, like they should be in a horror film or something. Obviously modeling isn't all based on "looks" because these twins prove this theory wrong everytime I look at their nerdy mugs. I must admit, I thought they had the best pictures.

Anchal- bitch has potential.. point blank. Tyra said that she was too pretty, so she was going to have to "ugly" herself up in photoshoots. She seems like she doesn't have high self-esteem but we'll see

Megan- She'll be the one to come out and say she's el lesbiano

Christian- Who goes on "ANTM" and tries to do the "Tyra" pose in every photoshoot? She wasn't model material, she wasn't original and her Tyra poses sucked. She was too big of a Tyra fan to be on this show. I feel that her dreams were fulfilled when Tyra went and fixed her hair.

I must be the only one that is soooo over this show.

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ANTM writers definately have a problem with the browner people of the world.. Why is it that every season (dont get me wrong You go Ty Ty baby but.) SuperBitch has to be a sister. What is up with "I wet the bed" I am marking my territory." WTF? Is she a flippin CAt? Did you see the snippet for next week's show? Well, who the hell is going to get on national tv and act a fool over a phone.

If I was Naomi I would have to throw my cell phone at Tyra Banks next...I think that was completely uncalled for...why such a low blow Tyra...you are no better than Ms. Campbell yo' damn self.

again...I am soooo over this show! It was on in the background, but I was playing in the internet.


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