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Saturday Night Live Drops 3 Cast Members

According to yahoo news the SNL studio will be looking a lil "emptier" come next week. They released 3 cast members, 2 of who had 8 year stints on the show, and 1 who had 3 years under his belt.

Chris Parnell

"After nearly a month of speculation regarding the fates of several Saturday Night Live castmembers, comes confirmation from NBC: Regulars Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz and Finesse Mitchell will not be returning to the late night staple.

Horatio Sanz
The non-announcement was made by simply omitting the players' names from a press release touting the start of the show's 32nd season, though a rep for the network denied there was any bad blood between the M.I.A. cast and svengali producer Lorne Michaels, or that their departure was the result of a firing."

Finess Mitchell
I haven't been approached with anything that's led me to believe I won't be back," Sanz told the Chicago Sun-Times less than a month ago. "I definitely enjoy the job and would like to stick with it."

As for Mitchell, his alleged axing is the most surprising, as speculation up until now has pegged fellow cast member Kenan Thompson, who will return this fall, as the third man out. Darrell Hammond, whose 11 seasons on the show mark a series best, is also in the clear, returning to the show despite murmurs that he, too, may have performed his last impression.
Yahoo News

they need to ax more than 3, because this show is not funny...or maybe it's the writers they should get rid of.

I thought all 3 of them were funny. I liked how Horatio could hardly get through a skit without laughing at himself...

And Chris Parnell on The Chronicles of Narnia Rap, "Lazy Sunday" with Andy Samberg? Classic stuff.

And don't even get me started on Finesse. He's funny! But I did notice that they were starting to not use him in the skits as much...

Yes, my name is Chanel... and I AM a true SNL fan..

I absolutely match with everything you've presented us.

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