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Eva Pigford and Frenchie Davis

This is a beautiful picture, it was taken during ATL's Annual Gay Pride Parade.. These 2 have been friends since High School

How are they friends since High School when Frenchie is like 27/28 and Eva is 21?

all and all, it's still a beautiful picture, and I'm straight!

I wonder maybe is Eva Pigford really in the closet. I just wonder because I'm straight and would never pose for anything like this.

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eva is 25

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this pic is beautiful. i am not gay, but i would def. do a pic like this.

I believe that Eva is admittedly bisexual. She hosted a NYC Black Pride about 5 or 6 years ago. That said, she is a model, so she should have but a few boundaries for the kind of pics she would pose for!

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