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Do you find that your left eye twitches whenever you hear a Beyonce song, or that your right leg starts shaking uncontrollably whenever you hear chicks screaming "Ring The Alarm"? Then you might suffer from Beyonce Overloaditis, but there is a cure!

Beyonce Overload Recovery Program

"This Myspace page was created by the official members of the Beyonce Overload Recovery Program, established in August of 2006 in cyberspace. And yes.....we are soooooo serious about this! A note--this is not a "hate" thing, but more like a "we're tired of seeing you everywhere, why don't you take a break for three, four, maybe ten years......k?" Let us miss you Beyonce! We used to be avid fans, now we're just fed up with the unnecessary overkill and mindless albums that we are just supposed to accept because you are Beyonce...not anymore!!! Anyone who feels the same way we do is free to join BORP, we will be making t-shirts in the near future HAHA! Again, this is not a "We hate Bey page"......it's a "We need a break and so do you!" page. Enjoy! "

Funny, how people who claim to be on "Beyonce" overload are the ones that are keeping her in the spotlight. Hmmmm.

What do I do when I get tired of seeing someone on tv? Turn the channel. What do I do when I get tired of hearing someone on the radio? Change the station. What do I do when I get tired of seeing someone on the internet? Scroll away from their pic....It's really not that hard people...Get a life.

This is all erroneous what you're writing.

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