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Oh Maia

There's been rumors circulating that the actress Maia Campbell [middle], most notable for starrin in the sitcome "In the House" with LL Cool J, has become a certified crack head. A while back there were alot of naughty photo's posted of her mangina. Word is that she allowed men to video tape and photograph her like that while she was high on crack. Poor Baby, here's a youtube clip of the video in question, the whole video is scheduled to be released to DVD in early 2007.

click [here] for video

This is sooo sad. She's really a beautiful girl. And her mother just recently died. Famed Author, BeBe Moore Campbell. I hope she gets the help she needs now that her mother isn't here anymore.

Such a pretty girl...


This is truly sad. Especially considering her mother must have passed with her daughter in this state of mind. Tragic.

My aunt just told me that Maia Campbell has a mental disorder. Is her mother's book the 72 hour hold about her? This is crazy.

She's a beautiful girl, can't believe she fell into this.

This is totally sad! dayum! This aint even a laughing matter!

I pray she makes it into recovery and stays there. There are only 3 possible outcomes for substance abuse: Jails, institutions and DEATH! I'll pray for her and all other people suffering in active addiction...

I would love 2 fuck maia campbell in her ass anal style.Then cum right in her sexy ass face and mouth.

I would like 2 fuck maia campbell in her ass anal style.Then cum right in her sexy ass face and mouth.I'll make her eat my cum/sperm.

This is so sad a i work in the psychology field and this is definetly signs of a mental illness and not necessarily drug use i am glad that her father and grandmother are getting her the help she so desparetly needs.i will pray for her and those making negative comments are only ignorant and for those that put this on the internet shame on you and think KARMA!

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