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Hey There Lil' Man...

Earlier this month Trina threw a party and Mr. Leather So Soft himself came out to kick it with her. Rumors are swirling that they are getting back together, I don't think these fugs ever broke up in the first place.. just sayin.

Trina said something about them getting back together being her Birthday and Christmas wish rolled into one.

I said this before and imma say it again: how many plastic horses must die, for trina to look fly?


Don't get me wrong, in no way do I think Lil Wayne is the LEAST bit attractive.... but the way he talks, you'd think he could get something better than Trina.... I'm just sayin

Trina is a certified fug, maybe if she took off all that caked-on makeup and fake ass hair she might actually be decent looking.

@ anonymous @ 7:58....

nahh, I doubt it.

Trina looks like her poon stinks.

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