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Nate Dogg Isn"t Dead!!

Someone hacked into Nate Dogg's MySpace saying he died in a car crash killed by a drunk driver. Come on people! The publicist would update media outlets instead of MySpace ? Also Nate Dogg himself put out a bulletin saying:


Yea Nate. I suggest you hide the kusk before 5-0 decides to "check" on how your doing lol


I wish he would take that damn scarf off his head. What is he, like 40?

man. hope ya feelin better after that stroke brah. i knew that shit was BS. West Coast for Lyfe!!

1 gang, 4 gunz, how da west was won!!!

he prolly fucked yo mama anonymous 1.


I'm glad to hear that Nate(Dogg) is still among the living. I also hope that he has a speedy and complete recovery. ;-)

To hell with the person that said "I wish he would take that damn scarf off his head what is he 40?" nate dogg can wear that scarf all he wants because it represents who he is and that he represents old school to the fullest so stop hating" remember "New school wouldn't be for OLD SCHOOL" understand where all of this comes from. stop hating! I love you nate and i am from Miami and you are the reason why I love WESTCOAST RAP" MAY IT LIVE FOREVER I LOVE YOU CALI!

Hey by the way Nate dogg if you are reading this I love your voice and the soft smooth gangster tones you give out on your songs I am praying for you every night before I go to bed that you overcome your illness and that god the creator is with you. There is no one else out here that can put it down on hooks like you. get well soon
Love you much cheryl

by the way Nate Dogg if you are reading this I love your soft smooth gangster melody in your voice when you sing I pray every night that you overcome your illness. No one on this earth can put it down like you on hooks.
Stay a beautiful person, never let this world change who you are as a person and I pray that god the creator has your back at all times love you much cheryl



its true...

so am I the only one who was smart enough to look at the address bar in this post and realize it's from 2007? This is 2011 people....Nate Dogg is dead, unfortunately

Yes he is dead now. Sadly... my prayers go out to all his love ones.

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