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Maia Campbell A Crackwhore and Thief?

Poor Maia Campbell, first it's nude pictures of her surfacing on the net, then it's her singing nekkid for a hit of the pipe, now the latest drama for the "In the House" actress is that she's accused of stealing someone's Jimmy.
According to illseed over at AHH.com:The most recent episode with her now has a man claiming she stole his car in the Germantown section of Philly. Yes, Maia C. stands accused to stealing a Jeep. The man and his friend left Maia in the car alone as they went inside his house to get some musical equipment. Well, they came out and she was gone. Rumors are rampant that Campbell is a crack addict and this doesn't help the negative gossip. The men called the cops (are they snitches now?) and they are all looking for her. Sad.

I guess it's a well known thing in Philly that she's having sex for drugs, she also has 2 daughters so lets hope they aren't around this foolishness. Click here to check out the stories about her singing for crack.

It is a known fact that Maia Campbell has a mental disorder -- bipolar disorder, which her mother wrote about in her thinly-veiled fictional account, "72 Hour Hold." Her mother, incidentally is Bebe Moore Campbell who DIED last year of a brain tumor. Cut this girl some slack -- not only is she mentally ill but she just lost her mother. The shit's not funny!!!!

She was so pretty. What went wrong?

I agree with the previous poster.
She's gone through alot and the last I read, she was getting help.
I wouldnt be so quick to call the sista a Crackwhore. Especially when there has been no evidence that she is actually smoking crack. Other drugs- Yes.

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Look, ain't nobody in this blog room make her become a well-know T.V. actress, but the fact that she is pretty much makes her fair game, basically it is funny, funny as hell, I mean she had chances and breaks in life that some of us dream of and this is what she does with it, then someone actually says "there is no evidence that she smokes crack" what a dumbass!but yet you read she was getting help, it's people like you all that make me sick to my stomach with the bullshit. So now what,ya read one thing it's true, ya read something else it's false, and just because she was pretty don't mean shit crack don't give a shit how ya look, trials and tribulations don't give a shit, and as far as her losing her mom, did you or her actually expect mom to live forever, hell, they ain't get along anyway and rarely did they speak, look she was born into money,she fucked up, end of story, oh yeah and it is a well known fact that the girl is on crack real hard. I happen to know or could be, one of the dudes that's was the source to her addiction, yeah that's right, now you all can go get a life instead of taking up for a burnt out actress, who still could possibly owe me $1600.So now what are you gonna whine about

It is very sad if this true... I just pray to God that it is not a reality, she was a good actress and a memorable beauty. I think it is wrong that you titled her as a crack whore and thief: If she has a problem calling her a whore wont subscribe a solution to the problem, Instead we should pray for her and her family.

Somescum wrote:
"I happen to know or could be, one of the dudes that's was the source to her addiction, yeah that's right, now you all can go get a life instead of taking up for a burnt out actress, who still could possibly owe me $1600"........

LMAO!!!! Dude! You sound like a lying ass crackhead! What you need to do right now, is to go back out into the world, find a john, get back on your knees, and do what you do best to get you another crack rock.

She is still a pretty woman. Just lose...Life did not come with a map for success. Its up and down. She down on lucky..She just need help..sometimes it's money that make a person go to crack and her
dude or crack dealer .It's sick fuck like you to think or sound big your not...you need help too!!!

Wow! So much hatred and venom coming from the man who got got for his $1600.00 your lucky thats all you were taking for being the "source" of someone's addicton can cause you to just lose your life partner! As for Maia lets just keep her in prayer, she never asked to be mentally ill. It's her cross to bear,God is in charge who know's what is in store for her. she is still beautiful to me!

She needs love and she needs help. She also needs NOT to be taken advantage of because it is obvious she is hurting.

This fool sounds so silly to me.You are a fake ass wannabe because dudes from Chicago if you owed them as much as $10 let alone $1600 you are coming up missing.So you need to stop fronting your bullshit trying to get on Jerry Springer.For the rest of us we need to keep her and all people like her in our prayers because without Gods grace it could be us on drugs,no where to turn or in a mental institution.Lastly,people from that show that have gone on to be success LL,Alfonzo,Debbie Allen or Kim Wayans need to reach out if they haven't already.That's what's wrong in the world right now not enough love and compassion especially from these paparazzi shows such as TMZ.They love to put people on blast and laugh at them.Am I my brothers keeper?YES I AM!!!!

Whoever that sissy is that posted that bullshit about her oweing you $1600 come to Chicago we will pay your punk ass off for her.You are such a bithch ass liar anybody in the game would have been about it and not talk about it.So get off your computer and go back to washing cars you fake!!I hope your sister or mother gets put on the track for $5 for half and half!!


I saw her a few weeks ago on near Crenshaw she seemed to be ok to me.

I was blessed to be in the girl's presence for a few minutes I told her to call me if she needed anything.

She Need To Go To Vh1 Celebrity Rehad Or somethin Make Some Paper Cuz This Girl look Washed Up

Y Is It When Someone Famous Is On Drugs Looking Crazy There Is So Much Simpathy n All That But u See a Homeless Person On The Street U Feel Disgusted? B.S If I Was Born With a Silver Spoon In My Mouth N On Numerous Shows n Movies Id Be Gd Smoke Some Trees N Im GD. Half Of Her life has Been More Successful N all Of Us On Here Put Together So Y Feel Sorry N Cuz she Lookin Crazy The Excuse Is Mental Illness Anybody Else U would Say They're Just Crazy

I think it is so sad dat maia a beautiful young talented black women has been broken down by drug with her losing her mother and having a mental disorder i think she turn to drug use to forget about her problems and to deal with the lost of her mother it just really sad to see i just hop and pray she gets back on the right track and get some help for her problems.

Bi Polar disorder is not a joke, It is one of the most serious, hard to treat, harder to recognize and stabileze mental disorders and is closely related to schizophrenia as a bipolar sufferer myself, I know it is easy to want to turn to drugs to try to escape the racing thoughts the extreme mood and emotional swings that plague you. in a time like this, she is reeling. we should be praying for her recovery. money or no money, actress or not, she is human, a mother, a woman, a life. and deserves respect, and a chance to recover. same as anyone needing help. same as any addict or mentally unstable person. dont write off people just because they are "not normal" its not her choice to be out there in the streets. chemicals in her brain are unbalanced. She needs help, not more critics. yes she messed up, her actions are not good, but she herself is not a bad person. her disease of addiction and her mental illness is the enemy. Identify the true problem. its not the person, but the affliction. With help all things are possible. with the right meds, and therapy, Myself, my children and my family are fine. Thank my lord and savior Jesus!

there are more important issues in the world, than some celebrity on crack. pray for them. or get a grip and realise God isn't real and get on with your life.

She is gonna need some serious help with this...
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Never heard of her. She must be on BET or one of those Tyler Perry shows.

so sad, i will pray for her and any1 who suffer from a mental illness. She is such a beautiful woman. When I saw the utube video, i shedded tears for her. I hate to see any1 destroy their lives.i hope that there will be an intervention.pls family and friends help her..

I can't beleive how curel people are. That young lady have a diease and for people to video tape her may God have mercy on you soul. It could be your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, so pray for her and don't cash in on her pain.hur

beaty has nothing to do with what happened to her.

What is wrong with the anonymous retard whos $1600 short for his own crack craving. Regardless of the status you are born to, mental disorder and addiction is not something deserved by anyone. For being the source of someones addiction you should be held down in a piss puddle while an addict dumps in your mouth. Theres nothing funny about her addiction, she needs help.

Its sad what this world has become! I will pray for all the people who left negative comments to find the love of God

Ephesians 4:29

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

Matthew 7:5

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

I believe that you are not living life according to Gods Word ... because if you were these things wouldn't be falling out of your mouths so freely. I will pray for her and you all that he may speak to your heart and save your soul the time is drawing near please seek him.


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Bipolar Disorder is a living hell! I wish that people would stop being so darn self-righteous. Anyone, at any time, can be afflicted w/ bipolar disorder. Bottom line!!

As a reminder, Phyllis Hyman was bipolar.

To those interested: Real Time w/ Miss Bipolar Bitch: Around And Around I Go! will be available Fall 2009.

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Let me say that if you are a participant in that young lady's demise then may God forgive you! Whatever Ms. Campbell is going through is no laughing matter or cause for celebration! We should, as some have expressed here, feel for her and want to reach out to her. Maybe the reason you respond anonymously is that you are just like the cowards that posted the videos that intend to humiliate her. I sincerely hope that bone of your female loved ones ever follow her path. That's including a daughter you may have. A real man looks upon a woman as either a when or princess and cherished them. It takes less than nothing to belittle, berate, or scowl at anyone!

Amen and amen!!

With God all things are possible!!

Let me say that if you are a participant in that young lady's demise then may God forgive you! Whatever Ms. Campbell is going through is no laughing matter or cause for celebration! We should, as some have expressed here, feel for her and want to reach out to her. Maybe the reason you respond anonymously is that you are just like the cowards that posted the videos that intend to humiliate her. I sincerely hope that bone of your female loved ones ever follow her path. That's including a daughter you may have. A real man looks upon a woman as either a when or princess and cherished them. It takes less than nothing to belittle, berate, or scowl at anyone!

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I think it's a problem when anybody rejoices in another person misery. Mr 1,600 owed to take pride and say that u could've helped this woman ruin her life says alot about u. Primarily that your a piece of worthless shit. The fact that u say these things anonymously let's everybody know that u must be a boy because a real man wouldn't rejoice in persons downfall. I hope u don't have a daughtet and if u do. I hope another asshole like u doesnt meet her u fuckin lame ass bitch.

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