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Terrence Howard in Aprils' Issue of Essence

What do you want to know about Terrence Dashon Howard? In Aprils Issue of Essence they go into detail asking all the questions you did and probably didn't want to know about the hazel-eyed hunk.

Terrence on helping his wife leave him:

Two years ago Lori reached out to a man from her past, says Howard. A lot of women would never dream of walking away from a catch like Howard, but Lori had seen his demons and had lived through his cheating, drinking and a lifestyle that didn’t much involve her. The two had already been divorced for six years—and remarried. This was supposed to be the new beginning, but there wasn’t much new at all. According to Howard, Lori, who long ago had loved her high school sweetheart, finally flirted with the idea of simply being with her former flame. Howard found new love letters shared between the old friends. He says that the night it all came to a head, Lori was asleep when he went snooping through her cell phone, got his competition’s number, and called. Howard conceded loss and asked the man if he would do him the honor of making Lori happy. It was a great moment of clarity for him—he realized that he loved his wife enough to let her go: “The hardest thing to do is to let go of somebody you really care about, to give them their freedom.”

Terrence on dating:

I tried to talk to Halle for a bit. Didn’t call me back. Tried to talk to Gabrielle Union. Didn’t call me back, either. I’ve heard it said that I only date White women. The only woman I really love is my wife, and she happens to be White. Who gives a damn? A lot of Black women get upset. You know, the fact is, we are human beings.

Here are outtakes from the photoshoot

I don't see whats the big deal he is not all that

Damn Essence puts the same people on the covers over and over again! WEAK!

Terrence wow at trying to get with Halle and Gabrielle while you're still married! -smh-

He is so zesty. Not feeling him.

I don't know what the hype is. I think he's gay. Maybe Halle & Gabby dissed him cause they think the same thing.

maybe halle and gabrielle didn't call your ass cause your married. did he stop and think about that. any woman with class wouldnt push upon a married man.

It appears they didnt return his calls because he continues to say he is still in love with his wife. So what would be the point of getting involved with him? And I agree, he is not all that.

I knew he was an asshole halle is happy with who she is with he needs to chill and his married ass quiet

I knew he was an asshole halle is happy with who she is with he needs to chill and his married ass quiet

He's so damn gay it's not even funny. He crosses his legs way to well for a male.

He has no class whatsoever i mean just becuase he gains a little fame his head gets bigger than his whole body and he thinks his fame is his ticket to go after every famous women there is and he's married? no class whatsoever

Is Denzel and all the other older generation of black actors the only ones with any class?

Terrence Dashon Slickback does nothing for me. I like my menzes much darker, thank you. We're talking Chris Webber, Idris Elba here.

All I know Mr. Howard..you are one fine brother, and If i was in my young single years and you crossed my path..hell I would have given you some too.
Milo(with a smile)

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