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What Does Vida Do Again?

Aside from getting fingered at a BBQ's and sitting on guys faces?

Since Juiicy loves the kids, animals, elderly AND the disabled I won't post the NSFW pictures from the KING Photoshoot here. But you can get them HERE!

What does vida do? she's a professional wh0re. thats what she does. She has a nice body, but her face is not all that good to look at. She's a butter-head, every thing looks good, but-her-head. And people really need to stop airbrushing these b!tches so much, they look like plastic life size barbies.

^^Butterheads run the world now. Well BOLD, BRAVE, butterheads run the world. If you have a nice body, wit a NOT so nice face, and are bold and brave enuff 2 show your body off....you'll be a star.

I can name 5 butterheads without even thinking.

It's sad but Butterheads do indeed run the world.

You will rarely here this from me but Vida....I probably WOULDN'T smash.....

The 2 finger split cave it in for me..


I'm gay and I wouldn't do her. She's not attractive to me especially being a professional ho.

Finally....someone agrees that she not attractive with that manly face!

Please!!!!!!!!!!! You people here are crazy!!! Vida is as fine as they come. She thick in all the right places and has a gorgeous face too. I love the Latinas.....

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