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Her Lipgloss Be Poppin

And it was definatly poppin on 106&Park when she performed yesterday. I could actually care less about the song because it reeks of a "1- hit wonder" but I love this video. Plus it's always nice to hear 17 year old chicks rapping about her $135 tube of lipgloss, it helps girls relate.

I like her style

the song is catchy but it's dumb as hell. anyone can make a song out of anything it pisses me off. I'm going to make a song about my damn glasses and contacts. I think her little hard core rap part is better then the song!

I agree 100% with you hotsauce!!

lol@hot sauce.. girl I'm with you, i'll make a song about my glasses and contacts!

Ok, I'm pissed now, b/c that damn chorus is stuck in my head...

She's different, and that's good, but don't know how long she'll last.

At least the song's not about hoes, bitches,gang bangin, sex.... (I could go on) I guess it's ok to allow our youth to listen to it!!!

the song is cute, they dumbed her down because they don't want her hardcore and thats what she is thats y that lil 8 bars made more sense than the whole song but these lil kids love it

She Sounds like Smurfette!!!!

juiicy! hey girl! lol... she looks like bow wow in a wig! love the video.. dumb song...i do agree that talking about lipgloss is better than the other stuff that kids are talking about out here.

I like that lip gloss! It's the best lip gloss ever!

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