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Man We Been Wearing The Same Curl...

This has to be THE funniest thing I've seen in the past 34 hours. Kel Mitchell is a fool. Anyone who saw him on BET's "Cash Give-away" knows that he's an animal with re-making songs.

Here to re-makes R.Kelly's "Same Girl".. instead it's called "Same Curl".. hi-lar-ious!

LMAO @ him sending the picture from his camera phone!!!

Ok that was funny.

LMAO! I have never seen anything this funny in my life. "Wet and wear"... thats hilarious!!

That was funny... Good to see Kel out there doing his thing... It's been a minute seen I've seen him.

That was funny!!!!!

LOL!! I can't stop laughing! Kel is too much. I wonder what Kenan is up to.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is hilarious. I had to watch it twice because I couldn't believe it did this crap. It was funny, tho. Love it.

HAAA!!! This is tooo much!!

I shouldn't have watched this at work... ROFLMBAO! Tears and all!
This is great.
"What you Ch-Cooing for?"
"Cut if off?"
I have to see it again!

The funniest $%#@ I've seen in a minute!

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