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Mos Def Gets Into Squabble With TMZ Cameras

TMZ cameras were rolling in front of Hyde nightclub last night, Mos Def went face to face with a paparazzi who snapped his photo in front of the world famous celebrity hotspot.

Pissed off that the photog wouldn't delete the shot, Mos first used his words to try and convince the guy to do what he wanted saying, "I'm not from around here" and "You're violating my space." Just when it seemed that Mos was going to give up and walk away, one of the rapper's sneaky pals got behind the photog and tried to forcefully snatch the camera away. The photog, who ain't exactly a little guy, held on for dear life.

That's when Mos jumped in -- trying to grab the camera from the other side and jerking the snapper around ... until he realized that the other cameras were recording the whole thing.

Mos then ran up to the TMZ photog and explained, "I'm not trying to damage nuthin' ... I just want him to erase the photo. I'm not hurting him, I just want him to erase my photo and knock it off."

Mos Def Mos Def, The number one rule in Hollywood is that all blackies look alike, if he would have just continued walking out of the club, I'm sure they would have mistaken him for Chris Rock and all would have been good in the world.

Blackies? You gotta be kidding me.

^^ You must be a new reader. Juicy always says "blackies" when she refers to black people!! It's funny and it's better than saying "ni**ers"

Yeah I'm new around here, but I probably won't stick around for long if that's the kind of stuff "she always says".

If MK from Dlisted or Perez said that shit I'd be up in arms. The only thing I can do in this case is shake my head.

Maybe it's funny to you and your kind, but it ain't to me.

But hey, I'm sure y'all could give two fucks about what I think.

Maybe y'all "Blackies" should move to Jena, Lousiana. I hear they're into that kind of humor there.

And trust, the words nigger and blackie come from the same place.


Boo-get a sense of humor.

If you don't like it then leave, I'm sure she won't fret over losing one fan.

MK and Perez use the term "fags" ALL the time. Are you offended by them using that word?

Life is too short to be angry over petty things.

Look like to me it's only 1 or 2 comments on each post. Baby girl need all the readers, (cause i damn sho ain't no fan), she can get.

But hey do ya thang wordy.

And what do fag and blackie have to do with each other? Other than MK and Perez being fags. I guess you mean since me and Juicy is Black it should be ok. Maybe I don't need to get a sense of humor, maybe you need to get more serious.

Boo bitch.. go to another site. Juicy don't worry about the haters that just means youre doing youre thing gyrl.

I'm a silent reader but I must say I have my whole office reading juiicyscoop most of us just don't post. So i'm pretty sure she's doing just fine with fans. The number of comments don't make the website, look at the log hits sweetie.

That's just RACIST!!!! There is no excuse for the use of that word.

To anony #1: calling people names without addressing the issue is a show of ignorance. And to annoy #2: You got your whole "office reading" huh? I hope your boss finds out.
Mainma engaged me in conversation and I was merely expressing myself, just like y'all. But I'll leave you blackies to your ignorant bliss. Unless one of you has enough sense to engage in a dialog on the subject and not whether or not I wanna kiss Juicy's ass and swallow her bullshitting ass choice of words.


I've heard better arguments at the playground.... moving on

Boo, get real. We are here to talk about Mos Def.

He really needs to realize that he's a celebrity. That's what the papparazzi do.. they take pics!!!

Hey must have been creeping to act up the way he did!

Doesnt Mos look like Lil Cease

I agree Boo, "blackies" is a racist word! It takes no energy to use other words....you know, the kind that doesn't offend! This is my first and last time visiting this site! I hope you all can get along and uhhhh moving on......


I think that was a racist thing to say because if anything she could have said all african americans look alike if she was gonna say anything but that is why I don't like a lot of white people today

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