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New Real World: Denver

This show is still on? I mean I haven't watched it since Coral was on that show...

So I previewed the trailer and it looks like the last 45 episodes of Real World, there's the token black guy, the black guy who acts white, the drunk girl, the girl who likes to kiss drunk girls, the gay guy, and the frat guy. I could make a better reality show from rounding up the bama's I see in Wal-mart everyday.

..and I know I'm not the only one who gets pissed when I see only 2 black people on the show. I can't hate, atleast these are full fledged blackies and not mulatto bastards.

Check out the trailer here

and what the hell is wrong with mulattos? to be honest i am surprised they even put 2 black dudes on real world. that shiznit shouldnt even be allowed son! i am writing an official complaint to the head of mtv in 3 weeks!

lol Shut up whore! How you gonna be black and racists!!

I'm a little confused cuz in a lot of the promos those black dudes are nowhere to be found!!

BORING and where are the sistas?

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