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Massacre at Virginia Tech/Gunman kills 21

A gunman opened fire in a dorm and classroom at Virginia Tech on Monday, killing 21 people and wounding another 21 before he was killed, police said.
"Today the university was struck with a tragedy that we consider of monumental proportions," said university president Charles Steger.

The university reported shootings at opposite sides of the 2,600-acre campus, beginning at about 7:15 a.m. at West Ambler Johnston, a co-ed residence hall that houses 895 people, and continuing about two hours later at Norris Hall, an engineering building.

All entrances to the campus were closed and classes canceled through Tuesday.
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[police carrying injured victims out of the dorms]

MSNBC has confirmed that 33 students were killed and 15 are in the hospital, the conditions of those in the hospital are unknown. Continue Reading.....

Police identified the classroom shooter as Cho Seung-Hui, 23, a senior from South Korea who was in the English department at Virginia Tech and lived in a different dorm on campus. Cho committed suicide after the attacks, and there was no indication Tuesday of any possible motive.

Damn Shame...God Bless the families of the dead

My condolences to all of the families who lost their loved ones. this is so sad this world is really comming to an end

I can't imagine what was on this guy's brain! how do you wake up in the morning and decided to end so many lives and then be a punk and seek your sentence by suicide! leaving so many questions unanswered regarding your madness and so many hearts broken!!! so selfish, I'm still stunned and praying for no copycat acts

May all the passed on ones rest in peace and may the injured make full recoveries

There was one guy who was to graduate NEXT MONTH with a 4.0 grad point average and a triple major. What a waste. He was smart, handsome and just a good person per his classmates/family. My condolences to his family as well as the families of the other victims.

So, I don't really believe it may have success.

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