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Meet Evander Holyfield Jr...

My girl SandraRose has posted some sexymus pictures of Evander Holyfields son, Jr. She says he's a model (aren't we all).. check out the pictures and let me know what you think of this lil tyke.



He looks straight GAY to me!!!

Nice complexion, kinda on the skinny side to me though and I wouldn't be surprised if he was gay either.

The 2nd & the 3rd pictures look nice, but the other ones....

He looks very "suspect" to me

Gey gey


Plus he lives in ATL.

Oh God - its a wrap.

He is definately a FAG

His Daddy isn't a bad looking brotha, just dumb as hell.. but Jr? I'm seeing a little sugar seep out of that tank...

a little off topic- but speaking of how u doin?- have any of yall read the blind item about lil jj?

Hey...we're friends on Facebook. We went to the same university.


Are his fingernails painted?

Ssssssuspect. Handsome. But, suspect.

hey hey gay gay

Yea, even if he truly isn't, looking suspect just isn't the best way to "come up" in the business...

I'm not impressed.

suspect for real



Wow! I guest all goodlooking black men are automatically gay huh. I think some of you women out here are doomed.

Goodlooking guy- and even if he IS gay, so what?

I actually know Evander Jr and there is nothing gay about him..... he gets alot of girls...ive seen this first hand!

He Looks Good!

i met him he is a cool ass dude and nowhere near gay you fags

I see this guy at work all the time. Not gay.

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