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Weekend Re-Cap

Serena Williams showed off her man parts for Jane magazine's final issue. In an interview with the magazine, Serena was quoted as saying:

"I’ll take off my shirt in a second - locker room girls don’t have much shame. Once I was getting ready to go out and my hitting partner - who is my best friend and, like, Greek God handsome, walked into my hotel room, it wasn’t awkward for me, but he freaked out. I told him we had to get married."
Kiki is getting ready for her new reality television show. Here's a magazine scan of the TV promo ad.The reality show will premiere on The Style network, August 5th. It will mainly focus on her life in the fashion industry and being a mother of 2 daughters (Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons). Rihanna covered this months issue of Vibe Vixen..
Click here to check out the inside magazine scans She also hit up 106& Park.. LOVE the hair.

Deelishis and Buckey (Shay) were in DC last week. Compared to Deelishis' monster ass, Shay just has a booty in training.
Comedy Central Roasts Flav..and the reason why he didn't stay with Hoopz of Deelishis was because Brigitte has that on LOCK son!!

So So Def Summer Fest's So So Sexy All White Affair hosted by Jermiane Dupri, Nelly & Larenz Tate at Compound Nightclub was held on Saturday.

The cast of Hairspray performs on the TODAY show. Evander Holyfield and Lyfe Jennings took in a Beyonce concert this weekend in Atlanta.

Ron DeVoe was there with his wife!

Jennifer Holliday slipped into the sequined dress of Effie once again for a 25th anniversary staging of 'Dreamgirls'. She'll be performing from July 18-29 in Atlanta.

Major photoshopping going on here because everyone knows she has a wonky eye.

On to the news...

  • Lil Flip got arrested for credit card fraud. This negro bought a plane ticket from Houston to Baltimore and charged $671.00 to an unauthorized card.

  • Monica is allegedly 3 months pregnant. Looks like her lil thug baby will have a little thug brother or sister to play with soon!

  • Word is Chili (From TLC) was visiting Ushers mother over the weekend and Tameka showed up... Rumor has it that Tameka yelled in her manly voice, "Doesn't Your BOYFRIEND HAVE A MOM YOU CAN VISIT"...

  • Hoopz is rumored to be on the second season of Charm School.

  • Dave Chappelle was rushed to the hospital for exhaustion. He was released 12 hours later.

Lastly, Beyonce performed in ATL this weekend and changed it up a bit and did the "Soulja Boy". BEST performer alive I swear! Thanks to Melody over at PCJ.

It's nice to see Holyfield having a good time. Holyfield will be alright as long as he is matched with faded, old fighters such as Savarese. However, he may well be hurt seriously against a young and hungry contender. In my opinion, he should just walk away from boxing since he has nothing more to prove. He should just spend his time enjoying the fruits of his hardships as heavy weight champion of the world.

That's Cindy from EnVogue performing with Jennifer. They must sound incredible together. Ron Devoe and his wife look too much alike. Are they related? I know she's from Blaque, but could never remember her name. All I can do is SMH @ Beyonce.

Saw her last night in South Florida and she tore it up. She did the whole soulja boy thingie. She's probably the best entertainer now and she's on her way to MJ status in my opinion. She sings and dances her ass off without missing a beat or losing her breath on 4 inch heels

People hate on Beyonce, but the girl got her s#!t together.

Now THAT pisses me off .
I hate when you go around talkin about a NEW artist (in my case soulja boy) and everyone look at you like you crzy , then when someone like Beyonce's fake self starts to bring them to life , EVERYONE talks about ;'you never said ANYTHUING about him' !!! GRRRRR !

Soulja boy up in this Hoe...Kroeger...Kroeger...Kroeger...Hoe...This song is dumb, but I still rock it out...Dummy

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