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Queen Latifiah and the "Gay" Question...

"Latifah says when she was cast in Set If Off--arguably one of the standout performances of her career--playing Cleo, a rough and rugged lesbian who enjoys an on-screen girl-on girl kiss, she called her siblings to warn them that they might catch some jokes. "I told them they had to be strong because I really thought I could do something special with the role." Now, a decade later, she's still getting asked about how much she and Cleo have in common.

For her part, Latifah refuses to confirm or deny. She says she has plenty of gay friends, and to deny anything about her personal life would be an insult to them. Plus, she says, the whole thing is stupid. "If I'm not going to tell you what guy I'm dating, I sure wouldn't tell you I'm dating a girl."

Let me translate lesbian for you. It means "Yes I bang chicks on a daily as a matter of fact I have a big ol' tube of anal lube and a 10 inch super donger on my dresser waiting for missy my boo as we speak. Just joking, I love Queen Latifiah, especially in "Set it Off", that movie makes me want to go buy dickies. C&D

OMG! I met Usher and I got a picture taken with him. I would have added this in your shoutout box but I couldn't find!

This is the BEST i've seen of Queen!

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