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Critics Tear Beyonce Apart

The first review of Beyonce's album bidet B-Day has arrived.... it's not pretty folks, but I understand that most people who judge these albums don't even listen to hip hop/r&b.. get Mother Love up in that bitch and it woulda been a whole different review!

Imagine if Whitney Houston never had Clive Davis steering her career for those first few important image-defining albums. The result would have been Beyonce Knowles ’ new "B'Day," the follow up to her huge-selling debut album "Dangerously in Love."

Post-Destiny’s Child Beyonce serves up a mixed bag of Tina Turner-inspired videos, shrill singing and invariably tuneless songs

.The closest they come to a defining single is "Déjà Vu," The song is catchy if you hear it enough times — like a sidewalk drill — but it lacks a consistent melody

I am told that focus groups (yes — can you imagine?) don’t care for it.

A London radio DJ told me last night that "Déjà Vu" and Justin Timberlake’s new "Sexyback" recently tied for least-liked records in his station’s polling

Among the tracks that sound less obvious — and more tired — are the next planned single, "Ring the Alarm." It features an extremely annoying siren and is accompanied by a bizarre video depicting a wildly angry and unappealing Beyonce telling off someone (maybe Jay-Z?) for cheating as if she were an enraged guest on Maury Povich. Fox News

I couldn't imagine the CD to be anything too great

The Deja Vu sounded like a Michael Jackson Heartbreak hotel/Wanna be stratin something mash up with a worse voice.

The Ring the alarm song and video is terrible.


it seems the media wants us to love this woman and they shove her down our throats every chance they get...bad CD review? Bad CD?

it'll ship platinum regardless.


it seems the media wants us to love this woman and they shove her down our throats every chance they get...bad CD review? Bad CD?

-well I for one Love Beyonce. I also like her singles "Deja Vu" and "Ring the alarm". The funny thing is I also like JT single "Sexy Back", and I have never been a JT fan (maybe it's Tim's production).

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