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Ne-Yo is a Stand-up Guy!

I am proud to post that there are numerous black men in Hollywood who are GREAT Fathers but in my eyes the best Father is a man who will take in a child who isn't his, and raise it like it is.
Ne-Yo has admitted his love for children and reveals his son Chimere, around 2 years old, is not biologically his child. Determined for Chimere to have a father in his life, the R&B star volunteered to raise ex-girlfriend Jessica White's son as his own after Chimere's biological father split..

"Now the thing is, I think in this day and age, everybody knows that blood does not make a father. He's known no other father but me since the day he was born, and though I did not make him, I am his father and he is my son, and that's what it is."

Here are a few pictures of his ex-girl Jessica White and her/their son Chimere.

That Is not Jessica White! Get it together!

That baby is not attractive. I am sorry. I hope I do not go to a bad place for saying such. That baby looks like fug NeYo.


They could've put some clothes on the baby. He's a cutie pie!!!

i thought i read that the story was false on another blog.

Yeah, that baby isn't cute but are you sure that is Jessica White? It sure don't look like her and I have never heard anything about her and Ne-yo having a kid.

Jese yall there is more than one person named Jessica White in this world.LOL. Noone said she was the model Jessica White. Their names just happen to be the same. JuiicyScoop should remove the link to wikipedia though. It's clearly not the same woman.

Those pictures are old. Neyo did an interview a long time ago where he talked about having a son with his best friend. He said that he and the girl were no longer together, but he never said the baby wasn't his biologically.

Now, have any of you seen that MTV show Ex-Effect? Was she on that show? She looks a lot like one of the girls from one episode.

all babies are sweet but he looks like a old man.

UGLY baby, and according to Wikipedia that is Jessica White.

What's wrong with y'all...That's definitely a CUTE baby.

For anyone and practically everyone who made a comment that baby is adorable if u want to see something ugly go look in the mirror then get a new one that won't break next time u look in it cause i'm sure u broke it.After that, make ur self an appointment to see an eye doctor cause u need glasses obviously....I also think that it is awesome Ne-Yo took that baby in as his own!!!!

Cute kid... I found this article on KIIS FM's web site on Ne-Yo too! He can't live without his momma ;) Check it out...


omg thats nasty saying that about the baby, i thinks hes sooo cute and i think that is really sweet that ne-yo is doing that coz you dont get many guys like that i lovvvvvvvveeeeeee ne-yo i thinks he is an real gentalmen unlike most guys hes so pretty aswel and i would love a guy like him lol xx kay-pea xx

For someone who knows Jessica White personally,one yes please do your research well there are 2 jessica whites! And for all the dumbasses saying that Chimere is not cute and a ugly baby! Keep on hatin bitches keep on hatin! He's a cutie!

There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely right.
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