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Model Dies On Catwalk..

The NY Times reported that Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos had been ordered to lose weight. She died of heart failure after taking her turn on the catwalk during NY Fashion Week. She had reportedly gone days without eating and for month's consumed lettuce and diet soda.

Weird, I never heard this on the news. This may be more common then we think. The model industry is so cut throat and hush hush. Who knows how many other models are out there starving themselves at 100 pounds just because they are told they are too 'fat'. This has got to stop. It's now made it's way to mainstream where actress think it's ok to look like this. It's like the skinner an actress gets, the skinner a model has to become to keep that "model" persona. R.I.P

The surprising thing about this is that I am surprised. I never heard about it on the news, either. This pressure to be thin has to stop, it's killing people!

That's sad. Please stop doing this to yourselves, its not attractive and it could kill you.

Look at her! I'm amazed she can even stand. That is really sad and not attractive AT ALL.

I showed the picture to my husband who found it very disturbing and not at all sexy.

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