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Flavor of Love ReCap

I CAN NOT WAIT until next Sunday, that's the show I've been waiting for. Anywho, Here is my quick lil re-cap of all that I could remember and thought was worth re-capping. So see a play-by-play action check out D Listed

So Foofy took Delishis and Krazy on a lovely boat cruise for their date. Delishis got sea sick and so did I.

So Foofy asked "Krazy" to sing for him, my poor cat hasn't been the same since. She even mentioned that she would love to make an album but the dirty crackwhore from Long Beach doesn't have the money. He shoulda NEXTed got rid of her on the spot for saying that.

Foofy decides that he wants to spend the rest of the night with Delishis, while leaving the table he looks back over at Krazy and says "I'll see you tomorrow Delishis".. I bet she felt crunchy. And why the hell do they look like they shop at Rainbow?

When they get back to the room Foofy decides to mount Delishis like the stallon she is. Delishes goes on to say "Have you ever rode a horse, in which he replied " No, but I've kissed a gorilla". And proceeds to tongue her ass down.

Then in true Flava fashion, homie falls asleep.

NEXT date is with New York and BooOOOOOtz...

This date was pretty much boring except for the part when Bootz lets it known that she only possess a G.E.D by saying " I don't never been wine-tasting, I usually drink Hennessy, Vodka stuff like that"

During their Dinner NY DEMANDS that Flav have one on one time with her and even gets up and storms away from the table. Her wish is granted because Flav runs after her and asks her to spend the night with him.

What happens next is what I will deem the most raunchy, unscripted, nasty ass shiit I've ever heard in my life ,VH1 needs to be sued for effin up my and plenty others wetdreams. NY and Foofy gets it on (probably doggie style). We even hear NY moaning "do me proper".. Damn, I need to go read a bible or something now.

Anyways, Bootz gets eliminated, but not without a few words to Flav

Bootz: Call me when you get sick of these ho's!

And that's Flav of Love in a nutshell!

I can't take it...that pic of foofy-foofy on top of ol' gal sleep...stop the insanity.

Great post! I love this trainwreck of a show... but I wouldn't admidt it to anyone but you! ;)

flavor of love is the funniest program ever...nice post;)

(i like jeezy too.. :P )

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