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Weezy and his Breezy..

So I guess the rumors were true. Weezy F. Baby (Please Say The Baby) and Solange are infact a couple. Um. EW.

I wonder what sex with Lil Wayne smells like, you know that shit has to be something RAW.

Anywho, Solange, Wayne and Kelly were partying it up at Prive in Miami last night.

I can see her attraction to him. I too sometimes find myself attracted to lil' weezy. It's his swagger.

Does the F in Weezy F Baby stand for "fucks"?

HAAAA!!!! I never thought of that!

Solange looks like a man in this picture

She do look like a man, I thought that was "Jawana Man" not hating she's pretty

They arent a couple duh! hes married already to the rapper trina. and has a daughter. and solange is married and has her own kid. get ur facts straight

you're dumb as fxck .. him n trina aint married

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