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Danity Kane in car accident

According to ONTD The Pussycat Dolls Danity Kane was involved in a really bad car accident. All the girls (Except D.Woods) are in the hospital. Aubrey has a mild concussion and a black eye. Dawn hurt her shoulder and they all have whiplash injuries

The girls felt so bad about not being able to attend the club appearance and still wanted to show up. Clearly the doctor did not grant their wishes, he advised them that there is no way they can be in public right now. Doctor’s orders were medication and plenty of rest.Aubrey wanted everyone to know that Danity Kane is very sorry and upset about not being able to make their appearance at the club tonight.

These chicks got into a terrible car accident and they still wanted to perform.. that sounds like some "Joe Jackson/Papa Knowles" type ish to me. I hope they all have a quick and speedy recovery.

Notice the chick with some meat on her bones is ok. They did not have any padding to absorb the shock...I'm just saying.

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