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Mr. Jackson if You're Nasty

Jermaine Jackson's estranged wife has filed court papers claiming the singer is pleading poverty, even though he's loaded. By the way, she's also alleging Jermaine has some weird sleeping arrangements with their two kids, Jaffar, 11 and Jermajesty, 7.

In legal papers filed late last month and just obtained by TMZ, Alejandra Jackson says she's not getting squat from Jermaine in spousal or child support. As a result, she says she can't make her car payment, has to borrow money for gas, drives with an expired registration and has to eat ramon noodles with hotsauce and crackers for dinner. Justtttt joking!

In legal papers, I have concerns regarding Jermaine's sleeping accommodations for our children while they are in his care." She goes on -- "I believe it is unhealthy for our children to sleep in the same bedroom with Jermaine and his girlfriend...."Jermaine filed for divorce in 2004. Prior to marrying Jermaine, Alejandra was married to his brother, Randy.

WHAT?! She was married to Randy and Jermaine.. where's the love for Tito. Everyone knows I love me some Tito. Someone google Tito for me. I love that bitch. Annnnddd.. I just lost all train of thought cuz' Tito will do that to you.

I guess sleeping with children runs in the family. WTF would you name your son Jermagesty? SMH

He IS going broke. When was the last time he did something that brought in cash? BB doesn't count.

He IS going broke. When was the last time he did something that brought in cash? BB doesn't count.

In my opinion everybody must go through it.
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