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Since You Asked...

I while back I had posted a clip of Natasha from the blogsite YBF being profiled on BET. Words were spoken about her looks and some even mentioned what other bloggers looked like. Well here's a pic of Fresh from the site Crunk+Disorderly in the Anniversary Issue of Vibe magazine.

[Scan courtesy of Crunk+Disorderly]

Hahahaha funny how most of these blogers aren't all that hot but still talk about other people being ugly and this and that. I've seen pics of Fresh before just go to her site and you'll find a link to her myspace page. That bitch is busted.

^^ Ditto. Fresh is the number one offender for talking about people. How she disses Beyonce and her clan to the way she talks about how Jim Jones smells... bitch has NO room what so ever.

LOL - This is Hilarious Ms. Info... Should All Bloggers Add Photos?

And just to clear the record... At www.LivingPLush.com... we are sooo not busted... LOL

and neither is Miss Info... LOL

what is there left to say....You all have said it all. Kudos to you Kudos......Maybe you have to be not so fresh or Fab to be a top blogger. If that's the case i'll never make it.....DAMN

I feel like Shug Avery in the "Color Purple," You shole is uggggggggggly! lmao

^^ Chelle I am feeling the Living Plush site! I also like you all's coverage of the incident. I've just added you all to my favorites!


Did you see the girls from concreteloop?

well anyways looks don't matter, these bloggers still spit the truth, and say what most of us r thinking. i love the loop and crunk and disorderly. its the business.

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