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Your Girl is Throwed!

I saw these pictures and couldn't stop laughing!! Here's before and after pictures of Paris Hilton drunk. She's so graceful, like an ostrich.


This trick is so TIRED. I wish the press would move on, 'coz she's TRASH.

yo her eye is looking crazy. to many shots to the face I guess.

wow, one of her eyes has already decided to go to sleep, while the other is half closed trying to fight off the urge to follow the lead of other eye and take nap as well lol


ummm can you say massive amounts of cocaine!!! i think this girl has a serious drug problem....she looks very messed up!

well at least she didn't flash us.

She wasn't so drunk...she kept her firecrotch contained.


oh god she is such a disgrace to womnenhood. she looks like a crack using balemic junky. oh man.

wow at her eye, can't believe people find her attractive. i've seen pics of her smoking joints so i'm sure she's been smoking some of that good shit and taking shots to the head.

Raided the local meth lab again, huh Paris?

did yall know her REAL eye color ain't even blue. They BROWN! she's just all around fake.

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