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Miss. USA Keeps Her Crown.. As Long As She Enters Rehab...

[Miss USA Tara Conner arrives to meet with Donald Trump in New York City amid rumors of drugs and sex]

Miss USA Tara Conner is going to be given a second chance, pageant owner Donald Trump announced Tuesday as long as she enters rehab.

Conner, who turned 21 on Monday, reportedly tested positive for cocaine and moved out of her apartment in one of Trump's luxury buildings on Manhattan's Upper West Side late last week, according to local newspapers.

Rumors have swirled of Conner's alleged cocaine snorting, promiscuity, binge drinking and even lesbian make-out sessions with Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, one of her roommates.

"There's no question that she's a party girl," Trump told the Post. "We have hundreds of thousands of young women around the world who look up to Miss USA and Miss Universe, and it's really important to set a high standard."

Miss USA is considered a role model, and her conduct must reflect that, Miss Universe Organization spokeswoman Lark-Marie Anton said last week. Behavior such as underage drinking is clearly prohibited, she said.

So all you cocaine snorting, promiscuous, binge drinking lesbians should go out and buy yourselves a dress, because YOU my friend may have a chance at becoming Miss. USA next year! This story is full of hypocrisy.

[Thanks Amber!]

This is bullshit.

They TOOK Vanessa's crown from her.

This is absolutely ridiculous...damn shame.

If she had been a black girl (not playing the race card. Just stating the obvious), there is no doubt her crown would have been taken from her. Rehab? Puhlease. Underage drinking alone is enough to have her title relinquished.

I agree with up above.. Rehab is not the answer when someone of this stature breaks the law. She's a role-model for Gods sake. What is this world coming to. Miss. America in rehab.. I can just hear the other countries laughing at us.


and I agree I've heard things about Donald Trump being racists, he'd rather have a drug addict Miss.America then a black one.

Donald Trump probably gave her a second chance because of the controversy surrounding her.

He is a media whore.......and controversy is the BEST form of free advertising!

People will be watching her and talking about her for the next year. You can't tell me that he'e not lovin that idea.

You know The Donald love's yellow heads, Look for the next story to come out, Donald Trump gets a divorce, Miss America moves in.


I would've de-throned her THEN took her behind to rehab, while Tamiko waved her good-bye in fashion of the traditional Miss USA wave lol

This won't have effect in fact, that's exactly what I believe.
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