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Jon B and Adina Howard on Tour!

Return of the has-beens for real. Jon B posted on his myspace blog that there will be a Jon B/Adina Howard tour in 2007.

He's also coming out with a Christmas Album and he's been doing mini concerts around Europe since those are the only people who will still bump played out music from 10 years ago ..Anyways.. check out his myspace for more updates!

Source: Concrete-Loop, Jon B Myspace

LMAO!! Adina Howard? Jon B? They should call that the "Nobody Gives a Fuck Tour"

Now he really looks like a dirty white boy w/all tht hair.

WHAT THE FUCK!!! the hate is thick up in this bitch. the christmas cd is out, as well as his latest "Stronger Everyday", with a new one coming next year. SE is good music, what the industry needs. yes, the man is looking shaggy, but he still sounds damn good. all this focus on the physical is why so much bullshit music is made today.

I need Jon to bring his sexy back, but I might have to check him and the freak like me out.

Jon B is mad talented, but he might not go ANYWHERE on Matthew Knowles' record label.

Poor Sunshine Anderson doesn't stand a chance, either.

For all u hating hoes Adina Howard is still the baddest bitch give my girls her props so get off of her.

Adina Howard is Fine sexy an always on top of things.

I HAVE ALWAYS had luv 4 Jon B but he does'nt look like himself @ all he looks dirty like close 2 homeless I miss the sexy way he use 2 be I still got alot of luv 4 u and alot more people he jus need 2 get himself 2gether and cum back harder ....Truth Hurts!!

He my baby but he doesnt look like the one were use 2 the SEXY Jon B we know he does look dirty & needs 2 get himself back 2 the old him jus a better version i know he'll cum back harder!! He still has 2 many fan waiting 4 him.

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