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Tamiko Nash, New Miss.USA!!

[Tara Conner and Tamiko Nash]
Reports are swirling that Miss. USA Tara Conner has been dethroned, evicted from her Trump Tower and is working at her local Steak 'n' Shake in Kentucky...

It's been confirmed that the runner-up for Miss. USA will replace the current Miss. USA. Miss California Tamiko Nash will be inheriting the crown. Last week news spread that Miss. USA was involved in "personal activities" that didn't cohere to the responsiblities that Miss. USA should hold, no one had any ideas of what they were until rumors start leaking that she was visiting bars (she's only 20) , was tested postitive for cocaine, and that she was engaging in hot-ass threesomes while also kissing former Miss. Teen USA in public. She also was seen sneaking boys up to her apartment.

Such a rockstar.

[Miss. California Tamiko Nash will soon be wearing the Miss. USA crown]

Miss Tamiko is beautiful, lets hope the fame doesn't get to her, remember our first black Miss. America (Vanessa Williams) was de-throned for posing nude and having those pictures show up in playboy. I have high hopes for Miss. Nash.

ohhhh now i understand why Donald trump forgave Miss USA for shame, he was not ready for a Miss Black Tamiko.

so typical...give a million chances to miss usa...so the pretty sista can't come up

Just for clarification, Vanessa William's pics were not shown in Playboy, they were show in Penthouse.

hey guys check out http://www.pageantpad.com/ it is all the gossip on beauty queens!

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