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Whitney Houstons New Single....

SandraRose has an exclusive new single by Whitney Houston titled: Family First, featuring her mom Cissy Houston, and aunt Dionne Warrick. This single is off the soundtrack for Tyler Perry's new movie, "Daddy's Little Girls."

Whitney Houston- Family First

The other day i was looking at all of my Whitney Houston albums and listened to a couple of songs. i said to myself while listening that this women was the greatest black singer of her generation. absolutely no one was as good as she is not mariah carey, no one. and then i remembered when she married bobby brown and thats when her life took a terrible turn. Drugs, abuse, and just acting down right ghetto, i mean, just lowering herself all together. i saw a picture of her recently and she looked AWEFUL. she looked as though she just snorted a whole crap load of what ever it is she is taking. then i heard on this website that she is screwing someone who is young enough to be her son? i mean, what is she doing? i said it before and i will say it again. how can such an enormously gifted singer allow herslef and her life to take the turn that it has? she had everything. everything. i just don't get it. i heard a song she made recently and she just does not sound the same and i was wondering if all the drugs she's been taking effected her voice. probably. i just don't get it.

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