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July 19

Oh Joy
*note to self* remember to put this on my "list of things "I want for Christmas.

p.s. notice that she has 3 tender love openings, what a classy way to word it.

What do you get when you put


In Recent Britney News...
I could careless about who Brit is dating.. be it K-Fed of the manny pictured here, I'm just saying she swore up and down she wouldn't hire a manny, she's such a f'in liar I can't stand that trick whore. Just joking :)

...The singer and her husband Kevin Federline refuse to hire a nanny to care
for their impending arrival.

...She explains, "I wouldn't trust anyone to look after my child, and if that
means the end of my career, then so be it."

Ciaras New Video
My homegirl Yolanda put me up on this Ciara video. Now I don't really care for Ciara so I didn't pay much attention when her video came out, but Yo told me to check this joint out, and I must say bitch is fierce. I still don't think she can sing, but then again neither can Janet Jackson and look where she's at.

Check out the video here

Stacey Dash does Lingerie
I guess posing for Playboy has inspired her to create a new lingerie line called Letters of Marque.

Stacey Dash is a huge fan of high-end underwear and is hoping her new line,
which she'll launch at New York Fashion Week later this year will compete
with Janet Reger and La Perla items. Dash says, "The name takes its inspiration
from the pillaging of booty and stuff."

Here are some recent pictures of her line, is it me or does this look more "Coutour" also?

Coutour Year
It's the latest fashion trend that is taking America by storm.. of course, not EVERYONE can do Coutour... while Christina Aguilera does it flawlessly, Beyonce can't seem to comprehend that it's more then big shoes and Micheal Jackson-esk gloves. She should know better.



Gnarles Barkley in Concert
What's up with his get-up.. he's a weirdo but I guess when you put all that weirdness in one big bowl and mix it around it makes for a great album.

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