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That Bag...

Louis Vuitton Miroir Voyager Alma Handbag.

Right now the only way you can get this bag if you have a personal shopper at Louis Vuitton. We first saw Paris Hilton and her beard Nicole Kardashian sporting it while in Sydney.

Tiny had the thing in a choke-hold while partying it up in Miami on New Years

Kelly Rowland was spotted sporting this hard-to get bag in Miami also.

Janet Jackson was probably carrying JD in the bag.

Although it looks like you can wrap a pork roast in it and stick it in the oven. The price for a speedy (which is a smaller version) goes for $1330 but with the ppopularity of the bag the prices have been shot up 10%. So if you are contemplating buying one you should call Louis Vuitton immediately to place yourself on the waiting list.

[click here to enlarge]

That's going on my wishlist!

$1,330 for a bag that's not even leather? I think I'm going to pass, although I'm LMAO @ the comment about Janet carrying JD in the bag.

I was thinking that this must be the MUST HAVE BAG! I have been seeing it everywhere, and it is so hot! But I be damned if I pay for a grand for a mettallic bag! where is the leather, croc something!

Those bags are ugly and gaudy as hell. The only reason people will purchase them is because they're the hot item to have.

Another ugly azz Louis Vuitton Bag. Next.

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